Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 14, 2015

If your house is anything like mine, there are candles all over the place that the wife or girlfriend has placed to fill the air with scents like warm vanilla, Christmas cookie, and other such pleasantries. They may take the edge off of those cooking odors, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy the scents of the garage or other manly odors in your workshop, garage, or even the living room? Sure you would, but you’ve studied the shelves at the mall, there’s no such thing for sale there. Don’t worry, that’s why the Stinky Candle Company was created, so you can enjoy such scents, and even a few crazy ones we bet you hadn’t considered!

The Stinky Candle Company was started by business partners Jeff Bennett and Ben Rakozy. After seeing all of the artificial scents that people liked they launched the company to offer candles with scents that triggered memories or experiences from all areas of life. The Stinky Candle Company’s offerings now reach over 40 different unique scents, including such popular offerings as Bacon, Pizza, Buttered Popcorn, Dill Pickles, Garlic, Nacho Cheese, Grandpa’s Pipe, Bubble Gum, No. 2 Pencil, Wet Grass, and more. The compact size and unique scents are perfect for food and drink lovers, car lovers, gardeners, teachers, friends and family and anyone who likes something a little different! Each scent is just $9.99 and is made with lead-free wicks, organic and natural fragrances, and is made in the USA. We picked up The Gearhead; a three-scent gift pack featuring Gasoline, New Car, and Exhaust-ed candles for $24.99.

The size of the candles can be hard to discern via photos, but these are approximately the size of a standard “tea light” candle. If you don’t know what a tea light candle is ask your wife/girlfriend, they’ll show you.
Pulling the lids off of our Gearhead gift pack it is easy to see each candle uses a different color for its wax. The candles are handmade, so expect minor differences in wick placement, wax color between same types of candles, and so on.
We lit the Exhaust-ed candle first for our nasal inspection test. The candle wick lit quickly and immediately began to pool liquid wax. The exhaust scent was faint, but noticeable.
Next up the Gasoline candle was tested. Again, it lit quickly and easily. The Gasoline candle had the largest flame, easily illuminating our small work space where we were testing the candles. However, the Gasoline candle had very little smell. Admittedly we only had it lit for a few minutes, but each candle’s scent is going to differ.
Lastly, we tried the New Car scent. The blue wax of the New Car candle was our favorite color of the three. On top of the nice color and easy lighting, the New Car scent was by far the strongest and was the only one “approved” by the wife for use in the house. Perhaps it’s time to order a Bacon candle for the kitchen!