Schwartz Raybestos Mustang
Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
September 25, 2015

Raybestos Brakes has a history of building some truly kick-ass hot rods every year, but they’re not just an ego project by some non-car-guy CEO or bean counter at the company, destined to collect dust in their home garage because they can’t drive a stick. No, Raybestos works with top industry professional car builders to build serious cars that they give away in a yearly nationwide promotion. In the past, they’ve built a late-model Mustang with Roush, a trick street rod pickup with Hollywood Hot Rods, a race-ready GTO with Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle, and in 2014 a ’71 RS Camaro with Schwartz Performance. All the cars went to good homes and are still being used the way they were meant to, meaning they’re being driven and enjoyed.

Schwartz got the nod once again for 2015 to build the latest Raybestos project, a 1969 Mustang SportsRoof. The plan for the car is to combine the classic 1969 Mustang body lines with subtle, modern nuances throughout the build with a nod to the heritage of the Boss 302 and Mach 1 performance packages. This is not just a spit-and-polish buildup however, as it will have a bolt-in Schwartz G-Machine chassis, a full-length frame that ties the unibody Mustang together and includes the company’s own race- and street-ready suspension (IRS in the rear) and, of course it will have big Raybestos disc brakes with their Element3 brake pads.

“As we rebuild this one-of-a-kind Raybestos ’69 Mustang fastback, we are keeping in mind the Boss 302 Mustang of 1969 and 1970,” said Jeff Schwartz, president of his company. “The classic colors and striping are true to the era and we’re using a new Ford Mustang Coyote Boss 302 engine.”

The car should be a really nice piece and you can watch it being built, as they’ll have frequent updates online while the car is going together. And yes, you can win it! For details on how, check out and