Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 11, 2015
Photos By: TEN Archives

While the new 2015 Mustang may be a global platform now and available in several countries, several of Ford’s other popular products have been imported by demanding owners. These include the F-150 Raptor and previous model year Mustangs. Generally speaking, these imported Fords often retained their stock form due to the limited availability of performance shops that could work on these vehicles. Carroll Shelby Licensing and Shelby American can now offer its services to these owners via all-new international mod shops, many of which also include a Carroll Shelby’s Store filled with Shelby collectibles, apparel, and more. These shops will offer not only Shelby conversions and parts to Mustangs, Raptors, and even the Focus, but will also build and sell continuation Cobra roadsters and Coupes. These new international shops are open for customers in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, China, and Africa.

“Shelby is continuing its international expansion by placing factory authorized modification centers and retail locations in key markets,” said Neil Cummings, Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and CEO of Carroll Shelby Licensing. “We will continue to open mod shops worldwide to give people access to the cars, parts, and authentic Shelby merchandise they want. Our mod shops will be run by the best experts in those areas, who know the local regulations and are in touch with the consumer base.”

Mod shops are authorized to convert your Mustang, Raptor, or Focus into Shelby vehicles like these!

Shelby American’s performance vehicles, such as the Shelby GT and Shelby GT500 Super Snake, Shelby Raptor, and Shelby Focus ST, plus authentic continuation Cobra roadsters and Coupes will be available through these mod shops. Currently Shelby also utilizes a U.S. shop building cars especially for the Middle East. Shelby plans to continue its expansion and wants to license a facility in Latin America.

“Ford has taken the Mustang global for the first time with the new generation car,” said Joe Conway, Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and CEO of Shelby American. “We are following Ford’s global initiative and plan to also offer our products worldwide. All of the vehicles will be pure Shelby, but we also plan to tailor some of them to fit the local market.”

The new mod shops will also be permitted to open a Carroll Shelby’s Store on site, just like the main facility in Las Vegas, and sell Shelby branded and licensed merchandise. A full range of authentic branded products will be available to enthusiasts, including apparel, diecast cars, collectibles, and much more.

“This is another step Shelby has undertaken to make our business more available to international consumers,” said Cummings. “The first was a move into a new Las Vegas location that made the company more accessible to travelers and corporate partners flying through McCarran International Airport. The international growth of the mod shops is the next step in our expansion.”

Besides conversions, Shelby mod shops also build and sell continuation Cobra models and Cobra Coupes. Shown here is the 50th anniversary edition 289 FIA Cobra and 50th anniversary 427 Cobra model with polished aluminum body option.
Select mod shops will also include Carroll Shelby’s Store locations where you can pick up limited edition apparel, diecast cars, styling parts for your Mustang, and other collectibles.


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