Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 8, 2015
Photos By: GMP Diecast

As Mustang fans go, we can’t get enough of anything Mustang related. From clothing to art to toys, we clamor for them all. One of the most sought after Mustang pieces is the metal diecast car. Available in several different sizes, the most popular being 1/18th scale, these metal Mustang cars can be found in hobby shops, toy stores, and of course online. Mustang owners seek out their favorite models/years and often customize them to match their own real Mustang.

When it comes to high-quality diecast Mustang replicas GMP was at the top of the game, offering vintage and late-model diecasts in several sizes. Shelby and Fox-era Mustangs were their specialty. GMP is back, now a division of Acme Trading, and has already launched some beautiful Shelby Mustangs under the Acme name, including the #23 Charlie Kemp G.T. 350, special order color G.T. 500, and others. Now the GMP division returns to the Fox Mustang diecast fan with this 1988 Mustang GT NYPD police car.

The GT hatchback, which arrives in January 2016, is going to be available at $139.95. Approximately 996 units will be available on this release. The NYPD Street Patrol Mustang was the result of vehicle impounding from street racing during Queens, New York’s Operation Hermes. Operation Hermes was the district attorney’s answer to out of control street racing. By adding street racing to the burough’s “quality of life issues” in 1997-1998 the NYPD were able to combat the street racing using undercover officers and video surveillance. The Quality of Life laws allowed the city to impound cars and keep them. The Mustang GT hatchback that this diecast replicates was acquired in that dragnet and is still actively used on patrol and in public relation events. You can read the original Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords story here:

Under hood is a highly detailed engine compartment, including the now famous 5.0L EFI small-block.
The amazing detail continues to the interior where you see fully carpeted floor and hatch, detailed dash and console, cloth seatbelts, and more.