1965 Ford Mustang Birthday Present Dani
Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
September 29, 2015
Photos By: John Wilcox

Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank/Toluca Lake, California has a cruise night every Friday that’s been happening since the 1950s and shows no signs of slowing down. The last time we were there checking out the cars and eating cheeseburgers, we ran into Andre Yanez standing next to his black ‘65 Mustang. The unique Russian-sourced brake booster under the hood initially drew us over to talk to him, but then Andre started to tell us what he was there for: to give the car to his sister for her 16th birthday, which was that very day.

Danielle Yanez, Dani to her family and friends, had no idea what was going on when her mom and brother forced her to eat at Bob’s instead of going to nearby Universal Studios like she wanted to. But dejection turned into tear-filled joy when she walked out of the restaurant and saw the Mustang, complete with a happy birthday sign under the hood and a crow singing Happy Birthday to her as Andre handed over the keys. It was one of those feel-good moments that made everyone smile, and we’re glad we went to Bob’s that night. Congratulations Dani, and happy birthday.