Jeff Krueger
Jerry Heasley
August 21, 2015

To join a car club, or not to join? That is the question that all car guys ponder, and it’s even more on the minds of Mustang owners and fans since there are probably more clubs dedicated to the Ford Mustang than to any other car ever made in human history. Even the Ferrari and Porsche wankers can’t compete with the Mustang in terms of the sheer number of clubs associated with our favorite car.

Car clubs aren’t for everyone, that’s for sure, but Jerry Heasley put together his top ten list of reasons why you should join a one, and he had Jeff Krueger of the Lubbock Mustang Club read them off, from behind the wheel of his ’66 Mustang.

#10: It's the only way you'll ever get to run for president of anything.

#9: It’s a good excuse to go out of town without your wife.

#8: You can make up pretentious business cards with a long and official title.

#7: Pizza delivery boy by day, MCA certified gold card judge at weekend shows.

#6: Attending those first-Tuesday-of every-month meetings…except for December, or when there's a holiday, or when there's a car show the previous weekend in which case the meeting is at the car show. Be sure check your email for cancellations.

#5: Serve as treasurer and declare bankruptcy.

#4: Goodie bags with free sample wax in those flat packets—137 of which will wax a whole car.

#3: By day grumpy old man, at the weekend car show a master restorer whose services babes clamor for.

#2: Guaranteed a trophy by your buddies at least once a year.

#1: I can’t restore a car, but I’ll judge yours!