Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 25, 2015
Photos By: Courtesy Of Tire Rack

As many of us have watched technology and other distractions create the worst distracted driving situation drivers have ever had to deal with, teens from age 15-20 have it the worst when it comes to car accidents being the leading cause of death for that age group. Each year more than 5,000 teens are involved in fatal car crashes with an additional 196,000 being injured. Tire Rack Street Survival, sponsored by Michelin North America, is a 501(c)3 non-profit driver education program that focuses on teaching teens the skills they need to stay alive on today’s roads. Real world driving situations, hazards, and challenges are examined via classroom exercises as well as hands-on exercises on closed courses in their own vehicles.

Students will learn all about emergency braking and skid control, how to control proper braking, and how to avoid accidents entirely. Best of all, they will learn these skills in their own car that they drive every day and are familiar with. In select schools, in addition to spending time in the cab of a parked 18-wheeler to fully comprehend its massive blind spots and required braking distances, teenagers can witness the violent detonation of an air bag, which instructors use to examine and explain proper hand placement on the steering wheel.

The Tire Rack Street Survival program is open to licensed drivers that are between 16-21 years of age. The cost to participate is $75 per student (check with your insurance company, as some offer discounts upon graduation of this type of class). All information, forms, and event schedules, including a video on the program, can be found on In its 13th year, the Tire Rack Street Survival program has trained over 14,800 new drivers. 101 schools were completed in 2014 and the goal for 2015 is at least 125 schools across the country.