Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
August 10, 2015
Photos By: Marcus Anghel

Marcus Anghel, of Anghel Restorations in Scottsdale, Arizona was traveling through Europe recently when he stumbled into bookstore in the small Austrian town of Graz and was floored at the size of the magazine racks. That’s right, racks, as in plural. It’s no secret that newsstands in the U.S. are shrinking on a daily basis, especially when it comes to automotive magazines, so it’s nice to see them thrive somewhere even if it is in Austria.

We don’t speak German so it’s hard to figure out what the bookstore’s actual name is, but Marcus told us, “The magazine selection at this place is out of this world. You would love it and it’s probably double or triple [the size of] any Barnes and Noble I have ever seen anywhere. At least 300 to 500 active titles of various magazines of every interest you could ever think of, and different languages and cultures. And sure enough, Mustang Monthly was in there as well. One of the only US-based magazine titles I could find in the store, which says a lot to me. I figured you and your readers would get a kick out of that.”

We do Marcus, and thanks for letting us know how popular Mustangs are in Europe! If you find yourself in Austria and need a fix of your favorite Mustang magazine, check it out here: