Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
July 10, 2015
Photos By: Summit Racing Equipment

There’s a tired old joke about needing a “Ford tool” to separate stubborn items like ball joints and such. All jokes aside, anyone who owns something with an engine needs tools for maintenance and repairs. So if you’re a Mustang owner why not work on your Ford with some Ford-branded tools of your own. Not only will you have some of the coolest tools on the block, you can have some satisfaction knowing your “Ford tool” is really just that: a tool with the Ford logo and some pretty cool Ford blue details! Summit Racing now offers several great hand tools fully licensed by Ford Motor Company that feature the famous Ford oval and script, with many of them wearing Ford blue-colored grips or handles.

Summit Racing’s new line of Ford-branded tools encompasses over 50 different part numbers. The Ford licensed line of tools feature everything from basic shop tools to hand tools like socket sets, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, Allen wrenches, tape measures, flashlights, and much more. Each tool features the Ford oval and script engraved, cast, or molded in and these tools feature a lifetime warranty as well. Choose from soft grip ratchets, complete with sockets and extensions, screwdriver kits, drivers with individual bits, and more, all with soft-grip cushioned handles. Summit Racing even offers Ford logo multi-tools; perfect for the glovebox or tackle box. Check out a few of these new tools in the following photos and visit for the full list of Ford tool offerings.

The Ford-branded pliers, wire cutters, snap ring pliers, and adjustable wrenches are available in various piece sets. You’ll find sets for all of your needs with the most versatile being the five-piece pliers and wrench set shown here.
The selection at Summit Racing isn’t just hand tools either. They offer several Ford-branded shop tools, such as this LED work light. The LED work light is not only given the Ford oval treatment, but is Ford blue as well and features a rechargeable battery so you can use the work light anywhere without having worry about cords. It is aluminum so it is lightweight and the adjustability means you can position the light anywhere you need it.
Probably our favorite tool from the long list of available Ford branded goodies is this set of fully polished ratcheting flex-head combination wrenches. The ratcheting boxed end helps get fasteners in or out quickly while the flex-head means greater access to fasteners. The Ford oval engraving is simply the cherry on the sundae here in our opinion.