Evan J. Smith
June 26, 2015

The term “connectivity” isn’t something many of us thought about a decade ago. But today, we expect to remain connected at all times to our friends, family, and to the endless amount of information, news and entertainment. We want, no, we expect to have this connection 24/7 and 365 days a year. Virtually any type of information is available with something as simple as a Google search; even so, everyone should always consider the source when hunting for those answers.

When it comes to magazine publishing, the Internet provides a wonderful connection to our audience over a variety of platforms. We all want social acceptance, and the Internet gives us the chance to stay in touch with many people in many places. Connectivity is important to Ford as well, and you’ll see a multitude of functions in all its new cars and trucks that enhance navigation, music listening, telephone use and your interactions with the vehicle itself.

Team MM&FF strives to keep up with all forms of technology. We are active on Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and on our website, Mustang-360.com. In the old day, we’d save the good stories for print, but today we’re digitally publishing our stories the moment they come in. This gives you instant access to the hottest events, car features, tech builds, and vehicle tests—plus the best photos, videos and breaking news.

With the swipe of a finger, you can see what your friends are up to, or what we have going on at MM&FF. Digital publishing and social media has other advantages, too. In addition to publishing stories seconds after they break, we able to offer you many more photos that simply can’t fit in a typical print magazine article. This is great for event participants, enthusiasts, and for our writers and photographers, who get to share more with you. The limit of content we can provide is literally endless. For instance, we were able to upload four different stories from the recently held NMRA Super Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio with hundreds of photos.

One of our favorite things about social media is connecting with people who share the same interests. If you like Terminators, there’s a page for it, if Coyote Stock is your thing, well, there are folks ready to talk about it, not to mention share photos, videos and their experiences. When it comes to car building and racing, the forums, pages and groups are endless.

So how can you find us? It’s easy: we’re on Twitter and Instagram @MMFFmagazine, and you can simply search Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords magazine (and Mustang-360) to find us on Facebook. And you can find MM&FF digitally on your tablet or smart phone in the Newsstand app, just search Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords magazine.

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