Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 8, 2015
Photos By: Turtle Wax

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle’s surface many people stand in the car care aisle scratching their heads wondering what to use, and if it will work with other products in a friendly manner. Today, using a product family is a safe bet, as you know the products were all designed to work together. We’ve been using Turtle Wax ICE products for several years on the daily driver in the driveway with great results. We’ve especially always liked how the ICE wax products don’t leave a chalky residue on black plastic trim that is prevalent on late-model vehicles (mirrors, window trim, beltline moldings, etc.). Today Turtle Wax ICE has launched a new line of Smart Shield Technology products with a formula designed to work in combination to “shield” your car from contaminants.

The new formula, developed in-house by Turtle Wax engineers, uses an advanced polymer that interlocks with other polymers used in the line of Smart Shield products. So using the product increases your surface shine and maximizes protection with each application. The more you apply, the more protection you have. “At Turtle Wax, we have a group of passionate scientists who never stop formulating for better car care,” said Sandy Kolkey, chief marketing officer, Turtle Wax. “The new Smart Shield Technology is our most advanced and impressive product line to date, and whether you use one or all six of the products; you'll notice a transformation on your car.”

The new products within the Turtle Wax ICE Smart Shield Technology system include:

ICE Wash & Wax:

The first step in any car care routine, ICE® Wash & Wax delivers unbeatable foaming and cleaning. Now with Smart Shield Technology and Carnauba Wax, ICE Wash & Wax is Turtle Wax's best shining wash ever produced.

ICE Shine Lock Sealant:

The New ICE Shine Lock Sealant is the foundation of the Smart Shield system and is the first layer of protection for your car. Delivering 12 months of protection in just 15 minutes, the super concentrated formula is enough for up to four cars and works on all exterior surfaces, even glass. By building an invisible barrier, Shine Lock Sealant protects your clear coat through all four seasons.

ICE Liquid & Paste Wax:

ICE Liquid & Paste Wax with Smart Shield Technology provides an added layer of protection and deepens the lasting, reflective shine. The liquid or paste can be applied to all exterior surfaces without leaving a white residue even in direct sunlight. For best results, apply a fresh coat before every season.

ICE Spray Wax:

ICE Spray Wax with Smart Shield Technology is the longest lasting premium spray wax from Turtle Wax. All it takes is 10 additional minutes for a boost in protection and brilliant shine after every car wash.

ICE Detailer:

ICE Detailer is used for quick clean-ups to remove light dust, fingerprints and spots before they become stains. It is designed specifically to work with all products in the Smart Shield Technology system and to boost shine.

The launch of the new Smart Shield Technology products in the Turtle Wax ICE product line, Turtle Wax has launched a new ad campaign featuring a video titled Break Out. Break Out features a heroine that liberates a muscle car from a static life. It is the notion that cars are not meant to sit and collect dust, but to be driven at speed and enjoyed. We couldn’t agree more! Check out the video at

Furthermore, in conjunction with the new product launch Turtle Wax has announced the Free the Soul Adventure Experience. Turtle Wax is encouraging car fanatics to “free their soul” this summer by taking a photo and sharing it with the hashtag #freethesoul, which will enter you to win the entire line of Turtle Wax ICE Smart Shield Technology products mentioned here along with a road trip gift card. One ultimate adventure winner will be the recipient of a road-trip adventure pack and trip valued at approximately $4,000! For more details visit Turtle Wax on Facebook (, Twitter ( or Instagram (