Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 15, 2015
Photos By: Courtesy of Urge Gear

Whether you’re looking to outfit your man cave, garage area, or just looking to add some automotive-themed pizazz to your home, enclosed car trailer, or other setting, you’ll certainly have friends and family taking a second look at your decorating when you use these great looking small-block Ford header-inspired holders for your paper towels, toilet paper, and hand towels. The designs, created by a start-up out of Cleveland, Ohio by the name of Urge, have social media abuzz about its new products. Their products feature automotive and aviation centric designs that work well just about anywhere.

“We wanted to focus on the lifestyle of gearheads while still capturing the rugged qualities of autos and aviation,” notes Jon Lucas, president of Urge. “Growing up, my father was always in the garage fixing our cars or tinkering on something, so there’s a nostalgic aspect that we think a lot of people will identify with as well.”

Urge currently operates via its retail website, offering enthusiasts everywhere easy access to its products. Co-founders Ron Fuller and Geoff Masters tell us that this is by design. “We think that enthusiasts everywhere should have access to our gear, so the online store makes sense,” states Ron.

The paper towel holder features a collector long enough to support your typical roll of paper towels or a roll of shop towels.
The bath towel holder is actually two headers joined at the collectors to provide sufficient length to hang a standard bath towel. Using all three together in an automotive shop restroom will certainly get your friends and customers talking!

One of Urge’s most popular products right now is the so-called Head-Header, which all three agree is the most unique product available at Urge to-date. The Head-Header is available in three fitments; a toilet paper holder, a paper towel holder, or a towel bar. Each design resembles a small-block Ford header in stainless steel with a swept back long tube design common to a street rod. These are perfect for the shop or office bathroom, break room, or just about anywhere you need to hang a towel, paper towels, or toilet paper!

Urge’s website,, features new and exciting automotive and aviation themed merchandise that is continually updated with new designs, so be sure to check back often!