Archer Season 6 Episode 8 Car Chase
Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
March 6, 2015
Photos By: FX Network

If you've never watched Archer on the FX network you’re truly missing out on some funny stuff. While Sterling Archer, a James Bond’esque spy with a penchant for drinking and saying what’s really on his mind—usually at the worst time—may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the show is fun to watch and we have our DVR set to record the show every Thursday night at 10pm (check your service provider for channel number and timeslot).

Each season Archer and his coworkers do their best to bungle whatever mission they've been assigned and hilarity and some mature-rated hijinks ensue. Now in its sixth season, Archer has been dealing with being a new father to co-worker and ex-girlfriend Lana Kane’s baby girl, which was revealed in the season five finale to be his by in-vitro fertilization. For episode eight of season six, titled “The Kanes,” Archer and Lana fly to Berkeley, California to meet her parents. When the typical spy stuff interrupts Archer’s time with Lana’s parents (which wasn’t going too well, so it was probably welcome relief for Archer) he runs into the garage to borrow Lana’s father’s car and upon spotting his Mustang proclaims “It’s the Mustang from Bullitt!” and then proceeds to jump in the car to chase the bad guys with Lana and her father in tow.

Of course the bad guys are seen leaving the Kane’s home in a certain black Dodge Charger—naturally! The ensuing chase scene does its best to intertwine Archer’s usual commentary with a bullet-riddled car chase that ends in a big surprise for everyone involved. For those with FXNOW you can watch the episode online at and if you’ve never seen Archer you can catch up on past seasons on the Netflix on demand streaming service. Oh, and if you’re a fan of Team Coco (that’s Conan O'Brien for the un-initiated), Archer was actually a “guest” on Conan’s show recently and drove the Bullitt Mustang there as well (that time being chased by Russian mobsters). You can see that clip at