Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
March 13, 2015
Photos By: Motorbooks

As any true Mustang fanatic should, absorbing anything and everything in print, online, or otherwise is paramount to knowing and understanding the minutia that makes up 50 years of Mustangs. Whether you are a vintage or late-model enthusiast, at one time or another you most certainly wished you had a guide of some sort to help you sort the good from the bad and the rare from the everyday, especially if you were standing in front of a potential Mustang purchase with your eyes glazed over in excitement.

To keep us grounded in reality and to really know what we’re looking at, be it a potential purchase or just a really nice Mustang at a car show, we’ve been using Peter Sessler’s Mustang Red Books for many years. We’re happy to hear that the latest version has been released from Motorbooks and is now current to the 2015 model year. Inside you’ll find specifications like door tag code explanations, production number breakdowns, options listings, interior and exterior color availability, and much more.

The 5x8-inch sized book is easy to carry in a glovebox or console and features 240 pages packed with information you’ll no doubt come to rely on as much as we do. Over 100 color photos (and six black and white photos) help break up the sections and show major body styles and trim levels as well. It’s all in there, from the first six-cylinder Mustangs through the Boss and Shelby models right up to today, it is a one-stop reference resource you’ll want to have in your Mustang media collection. Get yours now for just $24.99 at your favorite book retailer or jump straight to for links to buy online.