Ford Mustang Video 50 Years Of Fun
Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
January 8, 2015
Photos By: Ford Racing

It’s been a good few months for Mustangs in videos. Who can forget Ken Block destroying Los Angeles streets and freeways in his radical, all-wheel-drive ’65 Mustang coupe? The latest video comes from Ford Performance and Vaughn Gittin Jr. celebrating the Mustang’s 50 years of past performance and another 50 to come. As Gittin himself says in the preview to the video, “Ford Mustang has had an epic 50 year history that I am honored to have been a part of for the last 10 years. Like millions of other Mustang owners, I have had some of the greatest moments and memories of my life smiling behind the wheel of this vehicle."

The 1 minute 37 second video starts off with Mike Maier’s blue coupe on a desert road, complete with tumbleweeds, pulling up to a stop sign then launching off into a drift that kicks off our favorite type of delinquent behavior with seven other Mustangs, several of which you might recognize. It ends with an epic 8-car synchronized drift under the tagline “50 Years of Fun.” So put on the headphones, crank the volume to 11, and get a thrill out of this video of Mustang hooniganism.

Directed by:
Andrew Laputka

Executive Producer:
Vaughn Gittin Jr

Produced by:
Shoot First Media

Director of Photography:
Will Roegge

Edited by:
Andrew Laputka

Stunt Drivers:
Vaughn Gittin Jr Chris Forsberg Ryan Tuerck

Music Score by:
Jeff Lucci

Photo Courtesy of Ford Racing