Evan J. Smith
September 25, 2014

Ford Releases '15 Mustang Numbers

The long-awaited horsepower and weight figures for the '15 Mustang have finally been released. As you know, there are three Mustang engine options, each with a different twist on performance and economy. Engines include the standard 300hp V-6, a brand-new 310hp EcoBoost, or an upgraded 435hp V-8. Each powerplant is available with either a manual or automatic transmission that makes the Pony car a great all-around performer.

Mustang extends its lead further for 2015 with the EcoBoost-powered fastback now carrying fewer than 11.4 pounds per horsepower; Mustang GT has as few as 8.52 pounds per horsepower.

The addition of a new 2.3L EcoBoost engine brings turbocharging to the Mustang powertrain lineup. This engine was designed for Mustang to meet the needs of drivers looking for outstanding performance and fuel efficiency.

The geometry of the EcoBoost intake manifold and turbocharger housing has been optimized to provide better breathing and higher output in Mustang. Producing 310 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque, the 2.3L EcoBoost engine fits the bill for a true Mustang powerplant—with the highest power density yet from a Ford engine.

“This EcoBoost engine delivers the healthy output Mustang drivers expect, regardless of the car's speed,” said Scott Makowski, EcoBoost powertrain engineering manager. “It delivers where a Mustang driver expects it to – with a broad, flat torque curve and great driveability under any conditions.”

Enhancements to the Mustang EcoBoost engine to withstand the added stresses include:

• Forged-steel crankshaft.
• Piston-cooling jets.
• Steel piston ring carriers.
• Premium bearing materials.
• Upgraded valve seat materials.
• Forged-steel connecting rods.
• High-pressure die-cast aluminum cylinder block with ladder-frame bearing caps.
• Deep-sump, die-cast aluminum oil pan.

No Ford Mustang engine lineup would be complete without a great V-8 engine at its core. The 5.0L V-8 powers into a new generation with a host of upgrades that help it breathe better, especially at higher engine speeds. Many of these changes are derived from lessons learned in developing the special-edition '12 Mustang Boss 302.

Getting air into the cylinders and exhaust out is key to generating more power and torque from any engine. That has been the focus in the development of this V-8, which features:

• Larger intake valves.
• Larger exhaust valves.
• Revised intake camshafts.
• Revised exhaust camshafts.
• Stiffer valve springs to ensure that the valves close completely at high rpm.
• New cylinder head casting—revised ports provide straighter path to the valves for less restrictive intake and exhaust flow; combustion chamber modifications accommodate larger valves.
• Sinter forged connecting rods are lighter and more durable for high-rpm operation.
• Redesigned piston tops—deeper cutouts clear the new larger valves.
• Rebalanced forged crankshaft to support higher-rpm operation.

These upgrades have boosted output of the V-8 to 435 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. A new intake manifold includes charge motion control valves to partially close off port flow at lower engine speeds. This increases the air charge tumble and swirl for improved air-fuel mixing, resulting in better fuel economy, improved idle stability, and lower emissions. The variable camshaft timing on the intake side now has a greater range of adjustment available thanks to midlock phasers. This enables better optimized control of the valve timing over a broader range of engine speeds and loads for improved fuel economy and emissions.

Mustang—The First 50 Years, a two-disc DVD set

Fifty years ago an automobile rolled down a Ford assembly line destined to make lifelong fans out of buyers and cause checkered flags to drop at legendary race tracks where Ford cars hadn't previously won. It is still in production, and those first and latest chapters, as well as all those in between, are lovingly documented in TM Books & Video's new DVD Mustang—The First 50 Years.

This production will bring a lump to the throat of those who remember the hoopla that greeted the original Mustang, and also to those who regret missing the excitement. Dealers worried that admiring crowds would get out of hand (one buyer—a Texan, naturally—slept in his Mustang, fearing it would be stolen before his check cleared).

With the Mustang's unveiling at the Ford Pavilion at the New York World's Fair on April 17, 1964, the most brilliantly orchestrated public relations and advertising campaign in automotive history got under way. This two-disc DVD set tells the story behind the Mustang's unprecedented success through the eyes of collectors, enthusiasts, journalists, and former Ford employees including Mustang designer Gale Halderman, Mustang expert Jeff Burgy, and authors John Clor, Bob Fria, and Matt Stone.

Archival footage documents its evolution from its prehistory, when Henry Ford created the assembly line, through the clay models that defined the sweeping lines that made the Mustang look in motion even when parked at the curb.

“It wasn't a car looking for a market. It was a market looking for a car,” said lee Iacocca.

The set includes how Lee Iacocca and team designed a car for the Baby Boomer generation and eventually sold the idea to Henry Ford II, who, after the Edsel debacle, was reluctant to take a chance on another new car. The key role Carroll Shelby played, profiles on Mustang enthusiasts, the Hertz Rent-a-Racer, the first three generations of Mustangs, Mustang's impact on pop culture, and a visit to the Shelby Museum.

The set also includes the next three Mustang generations, the 10 most collectible Mustangs, more profiles on Mustang enthusiasts, the Jack Roush Performance Factory, Lee Iacocca's 45th Anniversary Special Edition Mustang, restomods, D&D Restoration, appraiser Ralph Hubbard, a visit to both the Detroit and Chicago auto shows for the introduction of the '15 Mustang GT, and vintage Mustang TV spots and print ads.

Total running time: 2 hours 30 minutes; price $19.99. You can order a copy now from TM Books & Video, tmbv.com.

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