2015 Ford Mustang
Evan J. Smith
September 15, 2014

Something special happens every few decades when Ford develops an entirely new Mustang. Each time, the new platform and ensuing models evoke enthusiasm in both new and “seasoned” Mustang lovers. First we take in the new design, which for some can take a while to warm up to, then we fantasize about the endless possibilities of power, performance, and personalization.

And the 2015 Ford Mustang is sure to create a tidal wave of emotion. With enhanced technology, improved horsepower, and handling, Ford keeps the old guard satisfied, yet it builds equity in the brand with new fans and potential owners. Of course, we racers can't wait. We are chomping at the bit to exercise and unlock the potential. But even so, there's another side effect, one that revolves around the vast aftermarket companies who will run wild developing new parts and pieces.

Right now, as you read this, the aftermarket companies you've come to know and trust are developing new intakes, throttle bodies, cold-air kits, headers, body panels, and the like. And in addition, we'll soon learn about upstart companies jumping in the shark tank with their own ideas, dreams, and promises of improved performance and/or ways for us to create a unique style for our ponies.

Trust me, this explosion happened in 1965, and the market has grown with each new Mustang or fast Ford platform. And it's going to grow again very soon!

The Fox-body started its own revolution that not only continues today, but thrives on street enthusiasts and racers. Fox Mustangs are affordable, easy to wrench on, and just plain fun to own and drive. Amazingly, the new parts development hasn't stopped.

This phenomenon occurred again in 1996 with the introduction of the modular engine, as the market expanded with manufacturers, websites, forums, and so on. Only this time the focus became centralized into the modular genre. When Ford launched the retro-themed S197 Mustang in 2005, the growth continued. And I can tell you with great certainty that the 2015 Mustang will bring more parts and new manufacturers to the game.

For the first time ever, the Ford Mustang will be sold globally. This opens the door for companies to expand their reach well beyond the 50 states and Canada. Savvy manufacturers are already tooling up to double production and sales of the most popular components. From a media standpoint, only time will tell how far our reach will travel.

I envision global challenges, or international races taking place, and surely the door will be opened (even further) for the Mustang experience to grow. People will share stories with owners worldwide in a fashion never seen before. Mustang owners from all over the world will communicate on new levels, with greater frequency, and forums will explode as the Ford and Mustang community is drawn closer not only by the Internet but also by the driving passion for the iconic pony car that recently turned 50 and continues to impress—our beloved Ford Mustang.