Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 14, 2014

Last Surviving Alan Mann Racing Mustang Found

We received word from Eric Charles, a French Mustang enthusiast currently living in Dubai, that he has located the last remaining Alan Mann '64½ TdF (Tour de France) Mustang. Historians will remember that Ford sent four '64½ Mustangs to Alan Mann Racing in the UK to be prepped for the TdF race that year. As we all know, the Mustang won the TdF and it is noted that this was the Mustang's very first race win (of many thousands to come over the next 50 years!).

The Mustang still has its five-bolt 289 Hi-Po and four-speed Top Loader and is being restored by a Fabrice Bernollin's shop in Toulouse, France, which specializes in historic race car builds and track support. Eric has paperwork from Alan Mann Racing that verifies the VIN on his hardtop was one of the four sent by Ford and he's excited about getting the Mustang restored back to race trim from the 1964 TdF. Known as the "4B" car, VIN 5F07K208109 is expected to be finished later this year and we can't wait to see the completed restoration of a truly rare Mustang with racing history.

News Desk

The LED lighting experts at Mustang Project have launched a new website to expand their LED lighting options to more than just Mustangs. Check out for lighting for all of your vehicles. Shelby American has announced that Akos Feher has rejoined the company as Vice President of Shelby Performance Parts. The folks at MRT now offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of its MRT manufactured exhaust systems, which now include free shipping as well. For more details check out Lauren Fix, The Car Coach, who is an accomplished author, journalist, and voice of the automotive community, has completely revamped her website of automotive content, weekly reviews, and more. Click on over to to see what Lauren has to say. If you're looking to build a new engine for your Mustang then you need to pick up the latest Lunati rotating assembly catalog to see all of the great engine hardware they have to build one solid engine. Simply hit and click on "catalogs" to see the online selection.

Michael Irvine's Latest Artwork

We've espoused over Michael Irvine's artwork here in Mustang Monthly several times over the years. From his vintage to late-model Mustang artwork he always seems to catch his automotive subjects in such an interesting manner. We're proud to have a few of his Mustang pieces hanging in our offices and his latest offering is one Shelby enthusiasts don't want to miss out on! Titled "The Competition Has Arrived" and featuring a bevy Shelby iron, Michael's latest watercolor painting pays tribute to the Mustangs, Cobras, GT40s and more that Carroll was involved with so deeply in the '60s. You'll find a GT 350, 289 Cobras, a Daytona Coupe, and a GT40 all being unloaded for race day (you can almost hear the small-block 289s cackling and revving as they are warmed up and backed off the transporter!).

The most notable trait of one of Michael's paintings are the subtle touches you have to really look for, often seen in vehicle reflections or in standing water on the ground. In his latest work Michael certainly doesn't disappoint, as you can see the Ferrari and Porsche drivers in the background staring on in disbelief at all of this American Iron! Michael's studio has released 800 Limited Edition prints, 20 Artist Proofs with Custom Remarque, and 50 Gallery Edition Canvases of The Competition Has Arrived. To order yours, or to see the whole Michael Irvine collection, visit or call (800) 361-5484.

Owners Reunited

From left to right are Larry Thiel (second owner), Bob Wytosky (third and current owner), and Tony Rainero (original owner) with the Stark Hickey Cobra Jet Mustang that Tony raced when new.

Regular readers will no doubt remember the Stark Hickey '70 Mustang Cobra Jet SportsRoof we featured in the May '14 issue. Originally owned and raced by Tony Rainero, it has been owned by Robert Wytosky for the last several decades. The opportunity presented itself for Tony and Robert to once again meet up at the 50th Anniversary Mustang Celebration in Las Vegas. Surprisingly Larry Thiel, the second owner of the rare Mustang was also in attendance. Robert snapped a picture to share with us and this is what he had to say in his email:

"Thank you again for the wonderful article, I do not know if you have anywhere to post this photo, but Larry Thiel (second owner) was at Vegas and here is a picture of the three of us with the car. This is all the car's owners."

Thanks to people like Robert Wytosky rare gems like this Stark Hickey Cobra Jet are preserved for Mustang enthusiasts everywhere to appreciate!