Evan Smith
August 13, 2014

Every Mustang enthusiast has a wish list. I certainly do, and I got up close and personal with many of my favorites at the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration in Concord, North Carolina, this past April.

Like many of you, I think about Mustangs constantly, and I have my ATFs (all-time favorites)—you know, the ones you either own or would kill to own (hypothetically, of course). In the name of fun, the Mustang-360.com editors each made up a Top 10 Mustang list, but we kept it to Mustangs we saw at the Mustang 50th Birthday celebrations.

Ford has built so many special Mustangs—from Shelbys to Cobra Jets, to SVT Cobras (and dozens more)—that I could easily pick 25 favorites. Heck, we’re talking about 50 years of coolness, my friends. So off I went to roam the show field at the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration and over the course of the weekend, I created my Top 10 list.

This was no easy task mind you, as there were thousands of Mustangs that got my heart racing. The 50th gave me a chance to slip back in time—but I also got a glimpse into the future with the ’15 Mustang perched on Ford’s rotating display.

Like many of you, I think about Mustangs constantly, and I have my ATFs (all-time favorites).

And the Mustangs weren’t limited to the show area—it was a treat to see many of the participants roaring around Charlotte Motor Speedway’s “roval” race course, and seeing the line up of Mustangs in Ford’s timeline display, where every body style was represented.

The sheer mass of Mustangs was insane, however my greatest enjoyment came from chatting with the enthusiastic owners. It was great to hear their stories and to learn about their special projects.

Of course, you’re wondering what I liked the best, so here’s my Top 10, along with a few photos for your enjoyment. If you want to see all the photos and my description of each Mustang, head over to Mustang-360.com and search for Evan’s Top 10 Mustangs.

10. ’67 Shelby GT 500
9. ’69 Boss 429
8. Fox-Body Saleen Mustang
7. ’85 5.0 LX
6. ’68 Cobra Jet
5. ’87 Regatta Blue LX
4. ’70 Coyote Swap Mustang
3. ’93 SVT Cobra
2. ’15 Mustang
1. ’12-’13 Boss 302