2015 Ford Mustang
Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 4, 2014

Mustang the World Over

I just received my May 2014 issue of Mustang Monthly and had to reply to Art Samuelson's comments in Pony Express. He is unhappy with the Mustang becoming a world car and compares it to that American icon, the Camaro. I'll let you in on a little secret, Art; the Camaro was designed here in Australia and is based on our local GM platform, the Commodore. That is why it has independent rear suspension and rear-wheel drive. You should be happy that the Mustang will now also receive independent rear suspension as a result of it becoming a world car. We're very excited here as finally we get a factory right-hand-drive Mustang, hopefully at a reasonable price. Last time they imported them here in the '90s they cost close to $80K.

Chris Percival
Sydney, Australia

More '15 Beef?

In your May '14 “50 Years Tribute Build” issue I couldn't help but notice that there was really only one thing missing. There wasn't one (not one!) photo or image of the much heralded '15 Mustang. Not even a rendering in an ad! Was this intentional or simply subliminal? Hey, like many out there I'm a committed round headlight gal, but maybe you guys are jumping ship a little too early!

Kat Holiday
Via the Internet

No ship jumping here, we can assure you of that. We are very excited about the '15 Mustang and truly believe once people see the car in person, as we have, they will VERY much warm up to it. As for no '15 Mustangs in the issue, including the ads, that's simple. The car isn't out yet so there's not much else for us to discuss since our big reveal in the Mar. '14 issue. Once Ford tosses us the keys to one, we'll have plenty to show and talk about. The ads, well, you'll see the new Mustang cropping up there soon as well once our advertisers start offering parts for the new car later this year.

Mailing Label Love

I have been a happy subscriber to Mustang Monthly for many, many years. It has always been one of the finest Mustang-enthusiast magazines available. The articles are almost always informative and interesting, the photography top-notch, and the feature cars awesome. A first-class publication, with one huge, glaring wart—the unbelievably cheap and messy mailing label on the cover! It is made of cheap paper (that the post office has usually mangled by the time it arrives in the mailbox). But the biggest issue with this crappy label is that you CAN NOT remove it! I don't know what you guys are using for glue, but that stuff is ridiculous. The label won't peel off cleanly, usually ripping the cover to shreds, and if it somehow does come off, it leaves a sticky gooey mess behind that instantly adheres the magazine to anything that comes in contact with it. I know you guys can do better. I subscribe to several Mustang-related magazines and yours is the only one with this disaster of a label on it. As I save my copies, I can't be the only who is complaining about this defect ruining an otherwise-fine product.

Ken Foley
Omaha, NE

Well you see Ken, we got this killer deal on 10,000 gallons of NASA space glue and if we don't use it in the address label application machine the stuff is going to go bad and then we'll get yelled at by accounting for wasting money. So until it's all gone we're stuck (ha!) with the address labels and how they're adhered.

Seriously though, you're not the only person bringing this issue up of late and we'll look into it further, as we tend to agree on all fronts here. We have subscriptions to other magazines that have address labels that peel easily (many even come poly bagged!), though we've seen magazines where the address is direct printed into a white box on the cover too, so be careful what you ask for!

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