June 9, 2014

Can’t Keep a Good Mustang Down

Back in August 2011 Hurricane Irene flooded Frank Bruno’s garage in New Bern, NC. The bad news was his ’66 Mustang convertible was in said garage at the time. Fran had built the car over a period of three years back in the 1980’s. The Mustang was a combination of a six-cylinder/manual trans convertible (which had no engine, transmission, interior or top) and a V-8/automatic coupe that had been T-Boned.

The insurance company unfortunately declared the car a total loss. However, Frank offered to take a reduction in the insurance payout so that he could keep the car and rebuild it. “Eight months later I was driving my beloved Mustang again,” Frank happily stated. The photos Frank added to his email show the Mustang in the flooded garage in August 2011 and home again and ready to drive back in April 2012.

Formula Drift Insider to Offer Behind the Scenes Look at Sport

Formula Drift, now in its 11th season, has seen domestic muscle advance through the sport and even take the championship in years past. With several Mustangs competing in the sport of drifting and with a lot of young eyeballs on the sport Ford has backed the Formula Drift series, seeing it as a way to get young buyers into their showrooms. Whatever the reason Formula Drift is a lot of fun to watch! Now you can not only see full drift action of each event on NBC Sports Network starting July 27th with Round 1: Streets of Long Beach, but you can follow drivers with behind-the-scenes content with Formula Drift Insider.

Formula Drift Insider is a web-based program that travels with the drivers on the road, giving you unprecedented access to your favorite Mustang drivers—Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Justin “JTP” Pawlak. “For years, we have wanted to bring this concept to light and now with our online audience being one of the largest in domestic motor sports and with our partnership with Dailymotion, it makes sense to invest in creating this type of show for Formula Drift Insider,” said Ryan Sage, vice-president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. Formula Drift Insider’s launch coincides with NBCSN’s coverage, so you can watch the event on television and then head to Formula Drift Insider online for the extra content related to the event you just watched. For more info hit www.formulad.com.

All Choked Up

We regrettably passed along a bit of misinformation in our story, “How To: Install a Manual Choke,” in the May ’14 issue. We told you the manual choke kit for Autolite 4100s would also fit the 2100 two-barrel carburetor. This is not true according to Garrett Marks of Mustangs Etc. There were manual choke 2100 carburetors produced for F-series trucks, which were configured differently from the 4100. Manual choke conversion kits for the 4100 are available from Mustangs Etc. at (818) 787-7634 or www.mustangsetc.com.

On the Bookshelf: The Tasca Ford Legacy

For many the name “Tasca” conjures up the Cobra Jet Mustang legacy and how one man and his dealership built their own 428 big-block powered Mustangs to be able to compete with the offerings from Chrysler and GM and how Ford adopted the idea to build the ’68½ Cobra Jet Mustangs, now a rare part of Mustang’s history. That said, Tasca was, and is, more than just a Ford dealership that built its own custom Mustangs (and Fairlanes, etc.). The performance image it created helped to build the dealership into one of the top Ford performance dealerships in the country. Today they continue that success with their vehicle sales and racing efforts in NHRA.

Long time Ford journalist Bob McClurg takes an unprecedented look “under the hood” of Tasca. From the early days of Bob Tasca’s start as a Ford franchisee through its growth in the muscle car era to today, where Tasca still sells the complete Ford line and wins races with the Ford name as well. That legendary Tasca trunk emblem (as seen on the cover of the book) meant something back in the ’60s, that your Ford came from one of the greatest performance dealers around, and it still means the same thing today. This historical retrospective covers all of Tasca’s history and is a must read for any Mustang or Ford enthusiast. The 8.5-inch by 11-inch hardcover book features 192 pages with 230 images and is available for $39.95 plus $6.95 shipping/handling by calling CarTech Books at (800) 551-4754 or at www.cartechbooks.com/tasca.

News Desk

If you’re visiting Vegas anytime soon and plan to stop by the new Shelby American facilities you’re in luck. Shelby American has started a shuttle bus service from 4Queens and the MGM Grand (with more stops coming online soon) Monday through Friday. Stop on by and take the free tour! Afco Racing has launched an all-new website where you can find their complete product line of Mustang parts, find a local dealer, and read up on tech tips and more. You’ll find it at www.afcoracing.com. Also on the new website list this month are our friends at Edelbrock. You can see their efforts using the latest web technology, improved search features, and more at www.edelbrock.com. The folks at Optima Batteries are once again holding their Ultimate Street Car Series this year with the final challenge to be held right after this year’s SEMA show. Check out www.ultimatestreetcarassociation.com for rules, qualifying event locations, and more. The Eastwood Company is launching its first retail store with their new DIY shopping model that is like a garage environment where products are shown in use and not just hanging on a wall. Hands on workshops, interactive product displays and more will be a big part of the new store’s draw. The location, at 12100 S. Cicero Avenue in Alsip, IL, will be open by the time you read this.