Ford Mustang Ii
June 16, 2014

Right Car, No Matter The Time

In the April 2014 issue’s Pony Express column I read it again. “The Mustang II was the right car at the right time.” Every time I read that I picture someone hiding behind something when they say it. There should not be division among Mustang owners, so shame on those among us who have no valid reason to be negative about the II’s but are. No excuses need to be put forth. Please stop printing that phrase, because the next time I read it in your magazine I’ll vomit right on the page; except this time. Happy Birthday Mustang!

Dale Carriker
West Caldwell, NJ

Sadly you will always find Mustang owners that prefer a certain year or generation over another. To be honest, it is rare we speak to someone that appreciates all generations. We’ve heard ’05 and up owners belittle Fox-era Mustangs, as-well-as ’65-’66 owners talk down about ’71-’73 models. No matter what generation we’re talking about, as far as we’re concerned the Mustang has ALWAYS been the right car at the right time—and that includes the very first model in 1964. So it’s not just the Mustang II generation we’ve used that term with. Hopefully, with this being the anniversary year we can find some commonality and community amongst ALL owners.

Early Production Numbers

In the April 2014 issue’s Pony Tales column Bob Fria stated at least 14,799 ’64½ Mustangs were known to have been built by April 17th, 1964. My daughter has a ‘64½ that’s been in the family since 1977. The VIN is 5F07D115660. The data plate reads 65A V 86 17d 63 1 6, showing this hardtop was actually built on the introduction day and has a Memphis DSO. I thought you might want an update. I enjoy your magazine.

Larry Phelps
Bowling Green, KY

We forwarded your comments to Bob Fria, noted historian on early Mustang production information and the author of the Pony Tales item you read. He tells us that the quoted number in his text is from known information on cars built BY April 17th, and does not include cars built ON April 17th, such as your daughter’s Mustang. Regardless, it is very cool she has a Mustang with such a build date.

Mustang Tech Directory

I keep all your back issues for the great technical support they offer, but I wish there was a catalog of articles that I could easily check when looking for a solution. They could be annual lists that I would gladly pay for. I know I can go to the web and search and even print out page after page of all the stuff on the screen but what a mess. A “how to” or restoration directory would be a great aid for me and I would guess many of your subscribers.

Robert Angell
Littlestown, PA

The sad fact of the matter is that we do not have the staff to take on such a project of this magnitude. Mustang Monthly has been around for over 35 years. That’s roughly 420 issues with eight to ten stories in each issue. Not to mention we don’t even have any in-house copies of the magazine much older than the late 1980s. The best option used to be Dave Hammar’s Mustang website; however it is no longer around. We were able to find an archive copy of Dave’s site via web archive and download a copy of his magazine directory. It is a simple text file and you have to use your text editor’s search function, but it is better than nothing at all. It also appears to only be indexed up to the 2005 issues. What we usually recommend is to simply type up a spreadsheet database of each issue as it arrives in your mailbox for you to search from on your own computer. If any readers have such a database they’d like to share with our readers please let us know at

Battery Heat Shields

In the April issue of MM I just wanted to make a quick mention that the article could not have been written without the time and energy of Bruce Klier. His knowledge and access to his parts collection was instrumental in putting this project together. Equally important were photographs from Brian McDevitt that helped us identify some really rare pieces. The work and the writing I do could not be possible without the help and contributions of others and I just wanted to make certain they were acknowledged for their assistance with the story.

Marcus Anghel
Anghel Restorations
Scottsdale, AZ

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