Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
June 3, 2014

Panhandle Performance's Mark Biddle is a long-time friend of the magazine; he knows the drill by now. The second we took this picture at a Duck race at South Georgia Motorsports Park, he knew it was bound for this page.

Of course, the "truck"Mark's driving is unlike anything we've ever seen on these shores, much less South Georgia. It's owned by Chris Lancaster, who is standing directly behind Mark, who is in the driver seat, which seems to be on the wrong side. Drag radial racer Sean Lyon is in the passenger seat, and that's Chris' buddy Kyle "Dutch Boy"Vanderpoorten next to him in the back.

The truck is Chris' tow vehicle at the track for his '91 LX coupe (with a four-eye front end) that he races in Ultra Street at Duck races, but Chris tells us he also drives it around his Bonaire, Georgia, hometown—to the amusement of everyone who sees it. As you can see, the boys are up to no good, cruising the pits of SGMP in search of who knows what.

Like Panhandle's Mark Biddle, you should know the drill by now, too. Make us laugh the most, and you'll receive a crisp, new 5.0 license plate.

May 2014
Caption Contest Winners

"Mommy, that's what the car looked like that beat Daddy's new Camaro."
Brian Powers
Monkton, MD

"Dear, which finger are you using??"

Joe Gerst
Nottingham, MD

"Future BOTM."

David Kravits
Butler, PA

"I'd give my ponytail for this Mustang."
Tom Bucolic
Lake Zurich, IL

"Hey, Daddy, isn't that what your Mustang is supposed to look like?"

Daniel Brintnall
Nottingham, MD

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