1967 Ford Mustang Fastback
May 15, 2014

Bittle’s Build

Thanks for the great article on Stewart Bittle’s ‘67 fastback. As a longtime admirer of his father’s work, and owner of an S-code ’67 fastback re-patriated from England, I often admired, but never found any info, on the dark green Mustang used in JBA’s print advertising. Now I have the build list to inspire me onwards!

Steve Osbaldeston
Norcross, GA

Pace Car Panel

I am a long time subscriber who has owned a few Mustangs over the years. I currently own a ’67 convertible (289 4V, Dark Moss Green with a bench seat). I always liked the look of the finned tail light panel, so I started looking on eBay for one.

I found an original one for around $200. It looked white and blue from the pictures on the auction, but I figured I’d paint it black anyway. When it arrived it was white with blue tape inserts and I couldn’t help but think who would take the time to put tape in every crease and what a pain it was going to be to clean it up. So I put it on the shelf in my garage for a future project. Then your February 2014 issue came out with the ’67 Indy Pacesetter and the rear panel I purchased is an exact match to the one on the pace car. I know most of the old mustang parts are getting harder to find. My car is nothing special and I almost feel like it is a waste to strip it and paint it black. Would it matter to someone restoring a ’67 pace car to have one that was actually from a ’67 Indy Pacesetter or are they not any big deal? Do you know anyone restoring a ’67 Indy Pacesetter that could use it?

Scott Cronin
Purdys, NY

While the panels are hard to find in good original condition, they are currently being reproduced and are available from your favorite Mustang vendor. Your original piece would be of value to someone restoring an Indy Pacesetter if it is in extremely good condition, particularly the reflective tape inserts. Otherwise, the reproduction panel could easily be used on an Indy Pacesetter restoration with the proper paint and 3M Scotchlite vinyl. InSignOut (www.insignout.us) handled the reflective striping on the Indy Pacesetter we featured.

Mustang Shirts

Is anyone making a dress shirt or T-shirt with pictures of the history of the past 50 years of the Mustang? I have a dress shirt with the 40 year history I got 10 years ago. I have a ’66 Mustang convertible I restored. It has a history of driving the Texas Ranger ballplayers around the ballpark here in Texas; Nolan Ryan for one. Thanks for the help.

Randy Geisel
Via the Internet

What you are most likely looking for is popularly called a “camp” shirt or a “Hawaiian” shirt. These shirts have a colorful mix of various model years on them. There is a 50th anniversary version out now we saw at California Mustang’s website (www.cal-mustang.com) but do not know if all years/generations are represented. However, it does have the official Ford 50th logo on it. We’re sure as the celebration continues we’ll see additional shirt designs. Look for the big Ford semi-trailer at major events too, as they have some great Mustang apparel.

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