Pony Express Reader Feedback May 2014 1965 Ford Mustang
April 25, 2014

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Ready For Paint

Can you please tell me what color is the '65 two-seater fastback in the article Get Shorty from the March 2014 issue and what the paint code is? I'm restoring my mom's '65 hardtop, which is maroon and from the pictures this looks like it is some type of maroon color as well. Thank you for any help.

Dave Feinblatt
Via the Internet

It's common for concept/show vehicles to be painted a custom color, but the two-seater featured appears to be painted Vintage Burgundy, which would be the correct "maroon" color for your mother's hardtop too. The Ford paint code is M1632 (which should show as code X under "color" on your door warranty plate), which crosses to the PPG mix number 50657.

'15 Feedback

While I shall withhold my final thoughts until I see the 2015 Mustang in person, my current thinking is this: Mustang is no longer an iconic American car; it is a world car. If you want something that screams "American icon" you need to look to the Camaro or Corvette. It's sad to see this happen.

Art Samuelson
San Francisco, CA

It's been now over three months since the new '15 Mustang was unveiled and the more I see it the more I like it, but I do have three issues with it that I do not like and one is more of a preference. Almost 95 percent of what I have read throughout the Mustang and automotive websites or the people I've talked to don't like the front grille and in my opinion it's just too big! However, the big grille opening can easily be fixed by adding the dual driving lights like on the previous '05-'14 GT's or having the running horse in a corral. Considering it is the 50th birthday you would have thought some of the original Mustang cues would have shown up like the corral. My one disappointment, and keep in mind it is the 50th for the car, is not to see the original Tri-bar pony emblem on the front fenders. The 5.0 emblem just doesn't look good on this body, so if they really wanted the 5.0 on it there are tri-bar pony emblems that say 302 or 5.0 on them while using the much better looking tri-bar emblem, but that is my preference. My biggest complaint on the new 2015 Mustang is the lack of exciting colors; it's the same boring dull colors as usual and again being the 50th you would have thought Ford would bring back some of the more popular Mustang colors from the past. I did a survey on the TeamShelby.com site of all current '07-'13 Shelby GT 500 owners that if Highland Green was available how many would have ordered it rather than their current color, 62 percent said they would have ordered it with Highland Green and that is just one color! I would prefer to see Highland Green, Gulfstream Aqua, Royal Maroon, Legend Lime, Vista Blue, Deep Emerald Green, Candy Red and all the Grabber colors as these were always popular. The F 150's Tuxedo Black is real nice and even the Dodge Challenger's most popular color, Plum Crazy Purple, would look great on this new Mustang. So c'mon Ford offer us something exciting in colors to choose from.

Carl Paton
Via the Internet

Name That Horse

I have recently acquired an old Mustang race car. It looks to be an old front engine dragster that was bodied with a stretched fiberglass '67 Mustang body. It faintly says "Horse With no Name" on the doors. I've been trying to find information on this car for two years without any luck. I'm taking a shot in the dark to see if anyone at Mustang Monthly might have a clue about the car.

Eric Poe
Sebree, KY

It does not ring any bells with us, though it is a popular name for Mustang drag cars and has been used on several cars throughout the decades. Readers, do you have anything for Eric?