1995 Ford Mustang Gt
Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
April 28, 2014

Have you ever wanted to see your Mustang or Fast Ford in our magazine? We are always looking for rides (Mustang or Fast Ford) from our readers to put up into our Snap Shots section, also known as Reader’s Rides. Check out some of the necessary steps to get your ride inside.

What do you need?

• A hi-res photo (1MB or more) of your Mustang or Ford with an interesting back drop, smoking the tires, drag racing or any photo you might be proud to show off. Also make sure to include the year and model. Let’s think outside the box and take it away from the driveway and get creative.

Where You Reside (City and State) - We add your city and state next to your name to the Mustang or Ford photo that you submit so it helps to know where you are from.

Mod List – This is a bit self-explanatory. What have you done to your Mustang or Ford since you purchased it?

A Little Bit About Yourself – No need to write a novel, but please provide a paragraph about yourself and your Mustang or Ford. Some examples include how you got into the Ford or Mustang world, any interesting facts about how you acquired your ride or anything you would like to share with our readers. Oh yeah, please include your first and last name!

There we have it! Seems pretty reasonable for something you can keep for many years to come. There's no better feeling than to see your ride right there in print!

Please email all ride submissions to Amie Williams at amie.williams@sorc.com. If snail mail is your thing, send photo and info to 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619.

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