Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
March 3, 2014

Caption Contest

Regular readers know that Senior Tech Editor KJ Jones is always working hard. He’s tracking down, shooting, and covering the latest Mustang performance hardware. KJ is so hardcore, he even uses vacation time to hit events and trade shows that aren’t part of his work assignments.

Case in point, KJ took off a couple days to hit the NMRA race in Joliet, Illionis, last year. We all know vacations are fun, but exhausting. Who can blame him for grabbing a little shut-eye? However, we also can’t blame JC Cascio at Strange Engineering for taking this shot.

What do you have to say about KJ’s NMRA naptime? If you make us laugh with your clever caption, you might just get one of the rare 5.0&SF stickers with our old logo.

KJ is so hardcore, he even uses vacation time to hit events and trade shows...


More caption contest winners

“The only way my dad would buy this Mustang for me was if it had a carb on it.”

Rick DeShields
Cordova, TN

“The rules don’t say fuel injection only.”

Chad Jones
Moncks Corner, SC

“Good evening and welcome to The Roadkill Café. Our special tonight is roasted Coyote served rare and topped with a reduction of old-fashion induction.”

Emil Marzullo
Highland, CA

“After making it to final-round elimination, I pulled up to the Tree and she started to spit and sputter ... Popping the hood, I found old school bailing wire and duct tape—then I awoke from the nightmare!”

Ryan Bushnell
Via email

“Induction Junction, what’s your function?”

Joe Thompson
Tuscola, TX

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