Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 14, 2014

You could not have squeezed another soul into the packed bidder’s area at last weekend’s Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction. Now in its 12th year, the Palm Beach event rarely disappoints. With huge crowds and millions of dollars’ worth of vehicles that range from the 1930s to concept vehicles and other specialty-built cars, the Palm Beach event is literally a rolling car show; though you have to have some seriously good credit to get a good seat!

We recently had the opportunity to head to Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach and actually walk the auction block stage with a recent feature car of ours—the Need for Speed movie Mustang “hero” car. Used in filming the recently released "Need for Speed" with Aaron Paul and based on the long running Electronic Arts video game franchise, the custom Mustang was at Barrett-Jackson as a charity auction item (lot number 3003) to benefit the Henry Ford Health System. Charity bids are waived all standard Barrett-Jackson fees and commissions and 100 percent of the proceeds go to the charity.

We followed the car from the pre-staging area right onto the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach stage and all through the auction process. We were too busy trying to get decent photographs for our story to realize that probably a million or so people were watching the auction live on television (dang, and I forgot to set my DVR!). The good news is the Need for Speed Mustang went for $300,000! It hovered at 290K for a few minutes until Craig Jackson quipped to one of the bidders “what’s another $10,000 for a man of your stature?”

The winning bid, placed by David Flynn of Columbiana, OH, ensured that the Need for Speed Mustang was going home with him. When asked what Mr. Flynn planned to do with the car (sold on bill of sale only and not legal for street use) he replied “I’ll place it in one of my Ford dealerships to draw traffic.” We can only hope that Mr. Flynn will take the car to events and maybe even stretch its legs now and then (on a closed course naturally).

Need for Speed Ford Mustang Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction

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