K.J. Jones
April 23, 2014

Directly on the heels of last weekend’s Mustang 50th birthday hoopla in Charlotte and Las Vegas, comes a report of order information for Ford's 2015 Mustang (including the 50th Anniversary Edition), being posted…”leaked,” if you will…online this week.

Unfortunately, we aren’t first to market with this news, and we could not immediately confirm the authenticity of the documents posted below. However, the information presented in these scanned images of the Order Guide certainly “appears” to be legit, and it definitely piques our desire to find out more about the all-new, 2015 Ford Mustang and what will be available option-wise for the new 'Stang.

We're definitely in an exciting space right now. While anticipation about the 2015 Ford Mustang is steadily building with each day, Ford really has been doing a Fort Knox-type job of keeping things hush hush on a lot of the hard-core information about the latest Pony.

But, fear not! We're currently working our own sources to find out exactly “what’s what” with this order-sheet report (its validity and more), so stay be sure to check with www.mustang-360.com for additional details as we learn them. In the meantime, we encourage to weigh-in below with your thoughts about the apparent options and configurations that will be available. How would you order your 2015 Ford Mustang? We'll take ours with the GT performance package to start, of course...