Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
April 16, 2014

With the Mustang’s 50th birthday upon us, Ford is introducing a special edition pony in the form of the 2015 Ford Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition hitting the Ford stand at the 2014 New York auto show. The car was designed to help the Blue Oval celebrate the launch of the original Mustang, which made its public debut in New York 50 years ago.

Two Colors Available

This limited-edition 2015 Ford Mustang GT fastback will be available in just two colors -- Wimbledon White or Kona Blue. With the performance pack added to each special edition, almost every option will be available. Customers get to choose between the two colors and pick their preference of either a six-speed automatic or manual transmission. Only 1,964 (get it?) special-edition Mustangs will be produced to go on sale this coming fall.

If opting for the automatic transmission, the car will come with a limited-slip rear differential with 3.55:1 final-drive ratio. The six-speed manual Mustangs will come with a Torsen differential and a 3.73:1 final-drive ratio.

“When Mustang was approved for development more than 50 years ago, I don’t think anyone imagined it would spawn such a dedicated base of fans around the world and still be in production today,” said executive chairman Bill Ford, Jr. in a statement announcing the car. "We are thrilled to be here in New York – where Mustang was first shown to the public at the 1964 World’s Fair – to re-create that historic event for today’s Mustang enthusiasts.”


The interior of the special-edition 2015 Mustang will feature its very own two-tone cashmere and black leather upholstery, a leather-wrapped steering wheel complete with the same cashmere stitching. The cashmere stitching continues through the instrument panel, shifter boot, center armrest and door inserts. The Mustang 50 Year Logo will be embroidered on the seat backs.

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“The new Mustang blends a muscular, contemporary shape with design cues that define it as quintessentially Mustang,” said Moray Callum, Ford vice president of design. “The 50 Year Limited Edition adds details that set it apart from other Mustangs, while hearkening back to the 1965 original.”

The cockpit reveals a whole new animal. The interior features an aluminum trim panel spanning across the dash with an axel spin finish. Another special 50 Year Limited Edition badge is installed on the passenger side each sporting a unique serial number. Each individual badge will be made at Flat Rock Assembly Plant where each Mustang is assembled.

Floor mats will feature the cashmere stitching with suede binding. These will only be available for this 50 Year special-edition 2015 Mustang.


Chrome bezels will surround the base of the tri-bar tail lamps – an inspiration from the 1962 design proposal by Gale Halderman. The special edition will be the only 2015 Mustang fastback with a large faux gas cap on the rear fascia which will read “50 Years” below the GT design.

“Chrome trim was much more prevalent on cars in the 1960s than it is today, so we added some discreet highlights for the grille, side glass and tri-bar taillamps,” said Callum. “The darker Kona Blue provides a particularly striking contrast against the chrome.”

Rear louvered windows will come on all of the special-edition ’15 Mustangs. These are not just external window covers familiar to the 1965 fastback or any those purchased from an aftermarket parts company, but actual layered sheets of glass constructed within the window.

Part of the performance pack includes huge Brembo brakes hiding behind 19-inch alloy wheels wrapped with Pirelli P-Zero Y-speed-rated summer tires.

Go, Baby, Go

“Mustang fans love to drive their cars, even the rarer examples of the breed, so we built this limited-edition from the best-performing 2015 Mustang available – the GT fastback with the performance pack,” said Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer. “While some collectors will undoubtedly stash this car away in a museum, those who choose to hit the open road will get a world-class sports car that can run with the best.”

With the performance pack, this 2015 Mustang GT will come with the upgraded 5.0L V-8 engine capable of over 420 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque. Stopping power, as stated before, comes from big six-piston front Brembo brakes as part of the performance package.

“We wanted to provide our most dedicated fans with the emotion of the original Mustang in a 21st century car,” said Ford. “With this 50 Year Limited Edition, I believe we have accomplished our goal.”

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2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition Specs:

• Colors – Wimbledon White or Kona Blue

• Only 1,964 Units

• Engine – 5.0L V-8 (420 hp/390 lb-ft)

• Transmission – six-speed automatic or manual

• Wheels – 19-inch alloys

• Tires – Pirelli P-zero Y-speed summer tires

• Brakes – Big front Brembo brakes

• Engine – 5.0L V-8 (420hp/390 lb-ft)

• Interior – Cashmere-stitched two-tone leather

• Layered-glass rear window louvers

• Special-edition Faux gas cap on rear fascia

• Special serialized badging on dash

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