Pony Express Reader Feedback March 2014 Whitewall
February 26, 2014

Narrow Whitewall Radials

I read the January issue's "Narrow Whitewall Radials" letter in Beyond the Basics with special interest. As the original owner of a '69 Mach 1 which I ordered with whitewall tires, I've always tried to keep a similar appearance. I was ready for a new set of tires a year ago and found five Cooper P205/70R14s at Sears with a 5⁄8-inch whitewall, only about ¼-inch wider than my original F70x14 whitewalls.

Randall Bean
Via the Internet

I had the Firestone FR380 radial tires on my '64½ Mustang and needed to replace them. I was told by my Firestone dealer that the FR380s have been discontinued. I asked them to see if they could find any other whitewall radials and they came up with Uniroyal Tiger Paw P195/75R14.

Brent W. Sanders
Via the Internet

2015 Mixed Emotions

After seeing the photos of the '15 Mustang, I have mixed feelings over the changes. To me, the front looks like a Jaguar while the rear quarter looks like a Camaro. I remember when input from your readers changed the final outcome of a previous Mustang. Do you foresee taking and forwarding comments to Ford from your readers on this incarnation? I love the engineering changes and many of the new design features; I'm just worried about how they could improve the new model. I'll stick with my '70 Mustang but I want to see the nameplate continue with success.

Dee Pasteur
Anthony, FL

As you'll see in this month's "2015 Revealed!" story, Ford is getting plenty of feedback from Mustang owners and enthusiasts via social media. As the most popular car on Facebook with over five million "Likes," the '15 Mustang generated nearly 3,000 comments within a week of the new car's reveal, many of them not so kind to the redesign.

Highest '65 VIN

What is the highest VIN number you've come across in a '65 Mustang? I just purchased a '65 fastback that still has its original paint, seats, and carpet from a friend who had owned it for over 40 years. The VIN is 5F09A800836, with a build date code of 23U for July 23, 1965.

Coy Harvey

We contacted former editor and frequent contributor Jim Smart, founder of the In Search of Mustangs project, for help. Jim says, "The highest known '65 VIN is 5F09A806587 from Canada. Its build date code of 30U, for July 30, was only a scheduled build date. The car was scrapped many years ago."

Your question provides an opportunity for us to let readers know that Kevin Marti, of Marti Report fame, has acquired Smart's In Search of Mustangs data and has compiled it at a new website, www.insearchofmustangs.org. Now you can view the entire ISOM database to answer questions like the latest known '65 VIN or first known '70 Mustang. You can also search by VIN to see if a Mustang has been registered, then get specific information like color and equipment. If your Mustang is missing its data plate, you can use cars built around it to better determine the original build date. If you're into statistics, you can see how your Mustang matches up with other known Mustangs. For example, the highest percentage of registered '66 Mustangs were originally painted Candyapple Red, with White following in a close second.

So far, Marti's ISOM database includes over 63,000 Mustangs. We urge you to register your Mustang and include as much information as possible, including photos and build sheets, to make the In Search of Mustangs project more beneficial to us all.

Last '66 Fastback

I saw the "Longest Fastback Owners" item in the January Pony Express regarding original owners of '65 fastbacks. My question is, who bought the last '66 Mustang fastback? I bought mine brand-new on November 24, 1966. It was the only '66 left on the lot, blue with the 289 High Performance and an automatic. It had been special ordered from overseas but the deal fell through so it was put back on the dealer's lot. It has DSO 96 for "export." It was my first new car and my dating car when I met my wife seven months later. Then it became my honeymoon ride and my wife's college car. Our first child rode in the backseat in a baby seat. All my kids drove the Mustang to high school and it will be given to my youngest son when I can no longer drive.

Gary Thompson
Chino, California

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