Evan J. Smith
February 10, 2014

It's safe to say the automotive world has been watching Ford like a hawk. It's not every day a new Mustang is introduced, and with the 2015 model falling on the 50th Anniversary, all eyes are locked on. In fact, they have been for some time.

There's been much speculation and much debate about this special Pony, no doubt due to the passion of Mustang fans. Like every new-generation Mustang, there is a multitude of changes, both aesthetically and technologically. For months, we've wondered if the styling would be retro, modern, if there would be a four-cylinder option, and ultimately, if Ford would keep it true to the Mustang's iconic heritage?

All those questions are finally answered, as Ford revealed the 2015 Mustang to the world in six locations simultaneously on December 5. MM&FF got an early glimpse of the 2015 Mustang before that date and it met our approval. On that trip to Dearborn, a hand-picked group of journalists gathered in Ford's design studio to meet the engineers, designers, public relations movers, and shakers who made the Mustang come alive.

The team presented a brief overview of what the Mustang means to the Ford Motor Company and to the dedicated enthusiasts. They took us on a brief tour through Mustang history, showing amazing photos and three classic Mustangs: a '65, '67, and a gorgeous '69 Boss.

Ford design director Joel Piaskowski then built up the moment, walking us towards the doors leading to a courtyard located deep inside Ford's walls. The doors opened and there sat the 2015, covered, as if to tease us just a little more. The group surrounded the blanketed Pony, impatiently waiting for a first look. And with a swoosh, the drape was pealed away, revealing what is clearly, unmistakably, a beautiful Ford Mustang.

In that moment I was taken back. My eyes scanned the sleek body, my brain processing all the data. It was more "Mustang" than I anticipated and that caught me off guard. What did I expect? Something more exotic, more outlandish.

Before hearing about any of the changes, I recognized the lengthened snout, the shorted deck, and the gorgeous C-pillars (sail panels) that flowed deep into the decklid, just like a '69 Stang. There's even a nice shoulder atop the quarter-panel, which is quite muscular.

We've seen spy shots of the grille, so it was no shock to see, but the rest of the car was a total surprise. Even the stance was impressive. The 2015 Mustang is 3mm longer than the outgoing car, but sits lower, and is 30mm wider. Gone is the B-post—the side glass now flows into the quarter-window that is kicked up at its tail. The fenders are flared more aggressively, providing a wide-body effect, especially in the rear.

Fact is, there are too many technological enhancements to share in this column. I could go on and on, but for the good stuff you can check out more on musclemustangsfastfords.com.

In my eyes, Ford has hit another home run. The 2015 is an advanced machine with improvements in every aspect of the car. It will provide the basis for better Mustangs in the future and you better believe that MM&FF will be there to tell you all about it. EJS