February 4, 2014

National Parts Depot's 20th Annual Ford and Mustang Round-up

National Parts Depot has held the Mustang and Fords show in January at Silver Springs in Ocala, Florida, for the past 19 years. Turnouts for this show are always high (1,029 cars and trucks in 2013), and the beautiful park setting is a great alternative to a parking lot show.

The two-day show incorporates a cruise to Cedar Key from NPD's Ocala warehouse on Friday morning, January 10. Participants start gathering around 8 a.m., and all are welcome to browse NPD's private car and truck collection before a short driver's meeting detailing the cruise around 9-9:30 a.m., then the cruise departs. Once back in Ocala, VMP Tuning will be on-hand with its mobile Dynojet chassis dyno, and participants can make two pulls with A/F ratio for $65. The highest pull will receive a goodie bag from NPD.

With Silver Springs State Park now under state control, NPD had an opportunity to re-think the traditional 1,000-free offer and fees. In recent years, the number of older vehicles in the show has been steadily shrinking. The '93-earlier crowd represents the lion's share of its loyal NPD customers for whom this show has always been intended as a "thank you" gift. Thus for the 2014 show, registration is totally free to all '93-earlier vehicles that preregister before January 1, 2014. Any '94-later vehicles pay a modest park fee of $10 for the weekend, with no fee for additional passes. Any entry postmarked after 01/02/14 or a day of show entry will be subject to the park fee of $10 for the weekend (again, with no fee for additional passes).

NPD appreciates all of the beautiful vehicles that attend the event, but in the spirit of encouraging more of its customers to pull their "oldies" out of hibernation, NPD devised the new rate structure. And for cars containing more than two people, it actually winds up being far cheaper than previous years. One hundred percent of the fees go directly to Silver Springs State Park, a National Treasure. NPD hopes that its loyal late-model participants will view this change in the positive spirit in which it is intended, and continue to participate in this relaxing and top-notch event.

If you are planning to attend, but not show a car, you'll be subject to the standard park entrance fee (per car): $5 for a single person or $8 for up to eight people. These prices are per day and are subject to change. Please check out www.floridastateparks.org/silversprings/default.cfm for more on the park, including recent changes. You can find the event registration form online at www.npdlink.com.

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