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Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
January 9, 2014

To enhance safety at NMCA, NMCA WEST and NMRA events, ProMedia’s Competition Department introduces the Electrimotion Shutdown Transmitter to be used at 2014 events across the country. Installing the Electrimotion safety device is highly recommended for all of the Pro Mod competitors during this upcoming race season.

When used in conjunction with the Electrimotion Safety Box, the device will automatically shut off fuel and ignition as well as deploy parachutes once the vehicle has crossed the finish line, if the driver hasn’t done so already. The system activates once the car passes a wall-mounted transmitter right beyond the finish line.

“As part of our ProPledge initiative to our competitors and fans, we felt it was important to invest and implement the transmitter at our races and recommend the safety device for Pro Mod racers," said Rollie Miller, ProMedia National Event Director. "Our tech department will have the system installed at every event beginning with the NMRA race in Bradenton, Florida on March 6-9."

Required by the National Hot Rod Assocation (NHRA) for Pro Mod competitors, these safety devices can be found at Electrimotion, the company who manufactures the safety devices. You can find all of the info at www.electrimotion.com, or contact Dave Lehay at 740/362-0251 or send an email to dave@electrimotion.com.