Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 2, 2005
Contributers: Steve Turner, Dale Amy

It's about time we did this. We know how tough it is to resist a goodtrivia quiz, and we finally decided it was time to rate your knowledgeof late-model Mustang lore. Sure, you might know where all the paintdaubs go, but what about your knowledge of racing? If you are a dragrace fan, do you know anything about the progression of these cars? Theconcept of being a Melvin grew out of vintage Mustang fans knowing alittle too much about all that restoration stuff, but to us, alate-model Melvin needs a well-rounded knowledge of all-things '79 topresent.

Horse Sense: This is a tough test, so if you need to cheat on some ofthe Melvin statistics, check out the Official Mustang 5.0 Technical Reference and Performance Handbook by Al Kirschenbaum and the Fox-BodyRecognition Guide 1979-1993 by Thomas A. Shreiner and Peter C. Sessler.We did. You also might want to check out our voluminous history storyback in the Nov. '02 issue ("Behind the Mustang," p. 44).

What follows is a tough quiz with questions from the last 26 years. Ifyou can get a little over half of these 90 questions correct, you areall right in our book. Do us one favor take the test once before youstart cheating (That means you too Johnson). Only you will know yourreal score, but at least you'll know where you rate. Just be gladthere's no essay question at the end!


1. What size fuel injectors were factory installed on '87-'93 5.0 Mustangs?

A 19 lb/hr
B 24 lb/hr
C 36 lb/hr
D 42 lb/hr

2. What was the name of the concept car that predated the '03 Cobra by 10 years, but featured a roots-supercharged, intercooled, Four-Valve 4.6 under the hood?

A Mach II
B Terminator
C Mach III
D SuperStallion

3. What year did the Fox Mustang receive true dual exhaust?

A 1979
B 1985
C 1986
D 1989

4. Who was acknowledged as the first man to run a 9-second pass at the Super Ford magazine 5.0 liter Shootout?

A Stormin' Norman Gray
B Steve Grebeck
C Doug Mangrum
D Craig Radovich

5. When did the Fox Mustang first receive a third brake light?

A 1985
B 1986
C 1987
D 1994

6. The first Steeda Mustangs were named after what storied road course?

A Daytona International Speedway
B Bradenton Motorsports Park
C Moroso Motorports Park
D Sebring International Raceway

7. The '80-'81 Mustangs did not have a 5.0. What was the displacement of their optional V-8s?

A 4.2 liters
B 4.6 liters
C 5.4 liters
D 5.8 liters

8. What racer drove his Mustang to an undefeated season in SCCA Trans Am?

A Dorsey Schroeder
B Tommy Kendall
C Parnelli Jones
D Boris Said

9. Whose Fox Mustang graced BFGoodrich's early '90s ad campaign?

A Big Daddy Dwayne Gutridge
B Dario Orlando
C Michael Johnson
D Lidio Iacobelli

10. What year was the Mustang's sister car, the Fox Capri, produced without the ugly bubble hatch glass?

A 1979
B 1980
C 1981
D 1982

11. What are the names of the upgraded audio systems in the '05 Mustang?

A Shaker
B Thumper
C Rocker
D Big-Block

12. Bonus Question: What upgraded audio systems did the Shakers replace?

A Premium Sound
B Audiophile
C Bose
D Mach

13. Which one of these vehicles did not receive the SVT treatment?

A Contour
B F-150
C Focus
D Ranger

14. What was the first commercially available, aftermarket aluminum cylinder head for the 5.0 Mustang?

A J302
B GT-40
C Edelbrock Performer
D Trick Flow Street Heat

15. What was Ford Racing Performance Parts' original name?

A Ford Racing
B Ford Motorsport SVO
C Ford Racing Technology
D Special Vehicle Engineering


16. What's the name of the exclusive, optional Saleen paint named after Steve Saleen's wife?

A Lily Blue
B Lizstick Red
C Saleen Silver
D Winnie White

17. Who was the first racer to run nines in the NMRA's Real Street class?

A Brian Meyer
B Bruce Hemminger
C Ed Curtis
D Robin Lawrence

18. What was the catch phrase Ford used to describe the styling of '99-'04 Mustangs?

A Fox-4
B New Edge
C Retro
D Sharp

19. What was the only production '79-'05 Mustang to receive a 351 Windsor?

A '93 Cobra R
B '95 Cobra R
C '00 Saleen S351

20. Steve Grebeck built a Pro 5.0 car based on what ultra-rare tuner package in '92?

C Sebring
D Shotgun

21. What year did the Fox Mustang receive a five-speed transmission?

A 1982
B 1983
C 1984
D 1985

22. Bonus Question: What was the name of the four-speed transmission that was still available when the five-speed was introduced?

A 3550
B Rock Crusher
D Toploader

23. The Bullitt Mustang received numerous improvements over the standard GT in 2001, as such, it was rated by how many more horsepower than the GT?

A 5
B 10
C 15
D 25

24. What IHRA racer attempted to market a line of tuner Fox Mustangs?

A Michael Hauf
B Patrick Hill
C Ronnie Sox
D Roy Hill

25. Bonus Question: What was the ballistic name give to his cars?

A Cannonball Mustangs
B Colt Mustangs
C Bullet Mustangs
D Shotgun Mustangs

26. What were the engine options for the '79 Indy Pace Car Mustang?

A 5.0 liter and 4.2 liter
B 5.0 liter and turbo 2.3 Liter
C 5.0 liter and 5.8 liter
D 4.6 and 5.0 liter

27. What does SVT stand for?

A SEMA Vehicle Transfer
B Super Vehicle Transport
C Special Vehicle Team
D Special Vehicle Technology

28. What was the first production Mustang to include a Tremec T56 six-speed transmission?

A '93 Mustang Cobra R
B '95 Mustang Cobra R
C '00 Cobra R
D '03 Mustang Cobra

29. Who was the only modular racer to win an NMRA Outlaw race?

A Bob Cosby
B Randy Haywood
C JR Granatelli
D Tim Matherly

30. How many '93 Mustang Cobra Rs were produced?

A 107
B 109
C 250
D 300

31. What year did the 5.0 Mustang first receive a mass airflow fuel injection?

A 1987
B 1988
C 1989
D 1990


32. What's the diameter of a stock, '87-'93 5.0 Mustang throttle body?

A 55mm
B 60mm
C 65mm
D 70mm

33. Bonus Question: What's the diameter of a stock 5.0 mass air meter?

A 55mm
B 60mm
C 65mm
D 70mm

34. What former NHRA Pro Stock driver raced a Mustang in the Outlaw class at World Ford Challenge '02?

A Bob Glidden
B Billy Glidden
C Michael Hauf
D John Force

35. What's the internal Ford codename for the '05 Mustang?

A Fox-4
B S197
C SN95
D Old-Edge

36. The ill-fated 25th Anniversary Mustang prototype, built by Roush, featured what engine combination?

A Supercharged 4.6
B Naturally Aspirated 351
C Supercharged 5.0
D Twin-Turbo 351Windsor

37. What is the name of the late-model Mustang's factory limited-slip differential?

A Posi-Traction
B Dearborn Locker
C Detroit Locker
D Traction-Lok

38. Mike Murillo's famed Outlaw car was painted with an image of what state flag?

A California
B Florida
C New Mexico
D Texas

39. Bonus Question: How many Outlaw championships has Mike won?

A Four
B Five
C Six
D Seven

40. What year did the 5.0 Mustang first receive a hydraulic-roller camshaft?

A 1982
B 1985
C 1987
D 1994

41. What's the name of the computer in the kick panel of all fuel-injected 5.0 Mustangs?

A Black Box
B Black Oak

42. Bonus Question: What's the name of the processor in the '05 Mustang?

A Oak Tree
B Black Oak
C Spanish Oak

43. How much more horsepower did the '93 Cobra R make than the '93 Cobra?

A 5
B 10
C 15
D None

44. What nitrous racer was the first to run an 8-second pass in NMRA Renegade competition?

A Bruce Hemminger
B Kurt Gallant
C Mike Freeman
D Eric Buck

45. The foglights that debuted on the '79 Indy Pace Car were from what company?

A Bosch
B Hella
D S.E.V. Marchal

46. Less than 500 '95 Mustang Cobras were built with this option.

A Automatic transmissions
B Removable hardtops
C Six-speed transmissions
D Black paint


47. The supercharged SuperStallion concept car could run on what two fuels?

A Leaded and unleaded
B Gasoline and propane
C Gasoline and hydrogen
D Gasoline and alcohol

48. Prior to the Mustang Cobra R, what was the name of the only other Mustang to receive a racing package?

A '79 Indy Pace Car
B '85-'86 Mustang SVO
C '89 25th Anniversary
D '93 Feature Car

49. What actor raced SCCA World Challenge with Steve Saleen?

A Jason Priestly
B Paul Newman
C Steve McQueen
D Tim Allen

50. What year was the Boss back?

A 1979
B 1982
C 1985
D 1990

51. What year was the center console armrest deleted from the Fox Mustang?

A 1981
B 1986
C 1990
D 1995

52. Bonus question: Why was it removed?

A Improve fuel economy
B Increase performance
C Reduce noise
D Improve comfort

53. What was the first year the Fox Mustang was adorned with five-lug wheels?

A '84 GT350
B '84 SVO
C '85 Mustang GT
D '93 Mustang Cobra

54. What was the last year for Fox Mustang T-top sales?

A 1986
B 1987
C 1988
D 1989

55. Who was the first racer to win a heads-up NMRA race in a modular Mustang?

A Bob Cosby
B Bob Triannes
C John Mihovetz
D Tim Matherly

56. If you owned a Mustang GTS, what year would it be?

A 1994
B 1995
C 1996
D 1997

57. Bonus Question: What was the code for the package?

A 248-A
B 351-W
C S-281
D SN95

58. What was the standard rear gear ratio for a 5.0 with five-speed?

A 2.73
B 3.08
C 3.55
D 3.73

59. What year did the Mustang switch from a single fold-down seat to a 50/50 split fold-down seat?

A 1982
B 1984
C 1987
D 1994

60. Who won the first WFC Outlaw class?

A Anthony Turner
B Wayne Young
C Alan Dudley
D Steve Petty

61. Bonus Question: Whose car was he driving?

A Anthony Turner
B Wayne Young
C Alan Dudley
D Steve Petty


62. What year Mustang GT didn't come standard with a front air dam or fog lights?

A 1982
B 1983
C 1984
D 1985

63. If your Mustang were the first model to have Quad Shocks it would be what year?

A 1982
B 1983
C 1984
D 1985

64. What actor raced a '95 Cobra R?

A Jason Priestly
B Paul Newman
C Steve McQueen
D Tim Allen

65. The 20th anniversary 1984 GT-350 models were available with what two engine combinations?

A 5.0 liter and 4.2 liter
B 5.0 liter and turbo 2.3 liter
C 5.0 liter and 5.8 liter
D 4.6 and 5.0 liter

66. What colors was the 40th Anniversary Mustang available in?

A Crimson Red, Oxford White, and Black
B Rio Red, Wimbledon White, and Onyx Black
C Sonic Blue, CD Silver, and Reef Blue
D Strawberry, Chrome Yellow, and Silver

67. How many of the 3gGTs Cervini's Cobra R-style splitters has Associate Editor Johnson destroyed?

A One
B Two
C Three
D Who's Counting

68. Ford pulled the clock off the top of the dash for what year SN-95 model?

A 1994
B 1996
C 1998
D 2000

69. For '92, the Mustang finally received this driver comfort accessory?

A Four-way power seat
B Air conditioning
C Power lumbar
D Dead pedal

70. Ford added the famous "E7TE" truck heads in what year?

A 1985
B 1986
C 1987
D 1988

71. What was the name of the police Mustang package?

A Police Interceptor
B Special Service
C Camaro Chaser
D SN95

72. What tire manufacturer sponsored Saleen's Escort Mustangs?

A BFGoodrich
B Firestone
C General
D Pirelli

73. What was the first Mustang to be factory equipped with an underdrive pulley?

A '86 SVO
B '93 Mustang Cobra
C '95 Mustang Cobra R
D '96 Cobra

74. What fuel-injection system was found on '85 Mustang GTs with automatic transmissions?

A Central Fuel Injection
B Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
D Live Oak

75. What year did the 8.8 rearend first appear under the Fox Mustang?

A 1982
B 1985
C 1986
D 1987

76. How many Saleen SA-10s were built in '93?

A 9
B 10
C 11
D None


77. What was the final year 5.0 Mustang LXs had black body-side moldings?

A 1989
B 1990
C 1991
D 1992

78. What was the factory fuel pump flow rating on '87-'93 5.0 Mustang fuel pumps?

A 88 liters per hour
B 100 liters per hour
C 155 liters per hour
D 190 liters per hour

79. The first World Ford Challenge took place in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in what year?

A 1997
B 1998
C 1999
D 2000

80. Bonus Question: What other areas served as the location for WFC?

A St. Louis, Missouri and Bradenton, Florida
B Ennis, Texas and Joliet, Illinois
C Bradenton, Florida and Ennis, Texas
D Joliet, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri

81. What were the only commercially available 5.0 Fox Mustangs to come with a standard full-size spare tire?

A '86 SVO
B '93 Cobra R
C '95 Cobra R
D '00 Cobra R

82. Who was the first NMRA Outlaw racer to run a 7-second pass in his turbocharged coupe?

A Paul Silva
B John Urist
C Job Spetter Jr.
D Manny Buginga

83. Early '80s Mustangs were offered with an optional suspension package featuring metric wheels. What was that package called?

A Comp Prep
B R-model

84. Bonus Question: What was the only tire company to manufacture tires for these wheels?

A BFGoodrich
B Firestone
C Michelin
D Nitto

85. What man was the first to run a six-second e.t. in Pro 5.0 competition?

A Billy Glidden
B Doug Mangrum
C Joe Silva
D Racin' Jason Betwarda

86. Bonus Question: Who was the first man to run a 7-second e.t. in Pro 5.0 competition?

A Billy Glidden
B Doug Mangrum
C Joe Silva
D Racin' Jason Betwarda

87. Why didn't Ford offer 18-inch wheels on the '05 Mustang?

A Save money
B Reduce unsprung weight
C Needed new equipment in factory
D 18s won't fit car

88. We all know late-model Mustangs were based on the Fox chassis from '79 to '04. Which of these groups of cars were also based on the Fox platform?

A Ford Fairmont, Mercury Zephyr, Mercury Capri, Lincoln Mark VII
B Lincoln LS, Ford Fairmont, Mercury Zephyr, Mercury Capri
C Mercury Montego, Ford Fairlane, Mercury Capri, Lincoln LS
D Mercury Capri, Lincoln Mark VIII, Lincoln LS, Ford Fairmont

89. Which company first fit a belt-driven centrifugal supercharger to a late-model Mustang?

A Paxton
B Powerdyne
C ProCharger
D Vortech

90. Who owns the WFC Pro 5.0 e.t. and mph record?

A Joe Silva
B Chuck Samuel
C Billy Glidden
D Tony Gillig

91. The first issue of 5.0 Mustang magazine was published in what year?

A 1982
B 1993
C 1996
D 2001