Evan J. Smith
November 27, 2013

Enthusiasts worldwide are impatiently awaiting the arrival of the 2015 Ford Mustang, dubbed S550. It’s a closely guarded secret, however, a little leak here, or photo there is good for building hype. We’re all wondering what will it look like, and how much power it will have.

Artist renderings have flooded the Interwebs, and commentary closely followed on Facebook and many popular sites. Recently, spy photos emerged, reveling the front fascia, and people went wild (we have a couple of what's believed to be the 2015 Mustang convertible below). Surely you’ve seen the black Mustang with the sensors on the hubs, but it’s an early prototype that may not accurately represent the final product.

I shouldn’t be surprised that people are hating on the new Mustang even they’ve only seen are renderings (and a spy photo). Isn’t that the thing to do these days? It’s amazing that haters feel so strongly about what is essentially speculation. Personally, I like to know something is real, with proven facts from reliable sources, before I get all worked up, no matter what the topic.

Mustang fans are passionate about the new Stang and each of us wants it represent what we like. Unfortunately, Ford can’t please everyone. Google search 2015 Mustang and you’ll see dozens of images. Which one is closest? You decide. But I guarantee you none are the real car, not yet anyway.

Some enthusiasts want retro, others want modern. I welcome a cutting-edge Mustang with classic Mustang styling cues. Frankly, the ’05-’09 S197 was retro enough for me. Ford did a fantastic job with this chassis as we enjoyed a variety of enhancements from 2005 to 2014. While there’s hardly a car prettier than a ’69 Mustang, I don’t want the 2015 Mustang to be a clone. Look at the Challenger. Dodge made it look like the original, and Mopar fans love it. But in my opinion Dodge painted itself in a corner. What do they do next? For Mopar lovers, nothing will stack up (short of recreating the ’69 Charger).

While the ’69 Mustang is beautiful, I don’t want the 2015 Mustang to look like one.

Power, on the other hand, is not something we need worry about. The base Mustang will retain a V-6, the turbo-4 Ecoboost, which is likely to be a 2.3-liter mill with 320-plus horsepower, will be optional. The 5.0 Coyote returns to power the GT, but it’s upgraded with Boss-like horsepower. Out back is an IRS, and I believe many Mustang owners will like it. It won’t be suitable for running 8.50s, but that’s what the aftermarket is for.

One website reported a 200-400–pound weight reduction—another stated the car would be 15 inches shorter. Seriously? Where do they get their intell? My source at Ford laughed when I mentioned the Mustang being shortened by over a foot.

So what can you expect? You’ll enjoy amazing technology, bold styling, and a smart interior that will also be attractive and comfortable. If you thought the ’10 offered a nice upgrade over the ’09, the ’15 will blow you away. Expect the best-handling Mustang ever, with a V-8 that sounds great, revs high, and smokes the Challenger and Camaro easily.

Ford not only understands the importance of the Mustang as an American icon, it understands today’s culture and our need for connectivity and electronic intergration. We want our cars to talk to our Smart phones and we crave instant information. Today, it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine (and probably five more by the time this goes to print), plue Google, navigation, and other travel-related data. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

One fact remains—we need our vehicles to be intelligent, with advanced handling, braking, safety, power, economy, affordability, and reliability. Ford is challenged to meet a plethora of regulations, yet provide a product that appeals to our emotions. That’s no an easy task. The automobile represents freedom and it tugs on our emotional strings. I can’t wait to have my emotions sparked by the 2015 Mustang—so bring it on. We'll have the full story on December 5, 2013, when the new Mustang makes its global reveal, so stay tuned.

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