Alan Mulally Front
Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
December 10, 2013

Current Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally has been seriously considered as one of the leading candidates for a job at Microsoft Corp., but he has no plans on leaving Ford Motor Company until the end of 2014 according to Edsel Ford II, company director.

“Alan is staying through the end of 2014 and that’s all I know,” Ford, great-grandson of company founder Henry Ford, said while attending the ’15 Ford Mustang reveal in Detroit, Michigan while Mulally was in Times Square showing off the new Mustang to Good Morning America.

Mulally, 68, has not been pressed by Ford’s directors to make a public statement about his plans to the public since he has made his intentions clear to the company’s board, said Edsel Ford.

“Frankly, he has told us that his plan is to stay with Ford through the end of 2014,” Edsel Ford said, reiterating what the automaker and Mulally have both stated previously.

Since his move from Boeing Co. to the CEO for the Detroit automaker in 2006, Mulally has reversed Ford’s fortunes and is considered one of the top candidates to replace Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, according to sources familiar with Microsoft’s deliberations.

According to his interview with CNBC, Alan Mulally says that he is honored to serve Ford.