January 11, 2014

Longest Fastback Owner II

In the September Pony Express, Marv Jensen states that he purchased his ’65 Mustang fastback in February 1965 and still owns it, making him wonder if he has owned a fastback longer than anyone else. To my knowledge, the oldest original fastback owner is my good friend Jim Liner, who resides in Disney, Oklahoma. I introduced him to editor Donald Farr at the 45th Mustang Anniversary Celebration in Birmingham. Jim has owned his Champagne Beige fastback since the fall of 1964. I have enclosed a photo of his car that I took while we were at an MCA show last Labor Day in Mustang, Oklahoma.

Herb Gordon

Via the Internet

Thanks for the reminder, Herb. We remember meeting Jim at Birmingham in 2009. His purchase of a fastback in the fall of 1964, shortly after the new body style joined the Mustang line-up, makes him the longest continuous owner to our knowledge.

Taillight Mistake

In the November 2012 issue, I enjoyed reading about the die-cast prototype ’65 gas cap that Jeff Griffin was carrying around at the Shelby Spring Fling car show. The cap reminded me of another story. Around the same time, Ford also ordered taillight housings for the new Mustang but someone sent the wrong blueprints to the die-caster. When the housings arrived at Ford, there was a major “Uh-oh” moment! Since it was easier and quicker to change the die-cast mold than to change the stamping die, a new rush order was placed to modify the die mold. That left Ford with a bunch of incorrect taillights. They were sold cheap to a company named Cobra Motorhomes in Goshen, Indiana (now out of business). You can still find pictures of their products on the web. They show four ’65 Mustang taillights, two on each side, mounted above the bumper. If you look at the Ford parts book, you’ll see the current ’65 part number is listed as “Version 2.” I’d like to find an old Cobra motorhome so I can pull off a taillight to check the part number and compare the mounting flange with an OEM taillight.

Duane Carling

Via the Internet

Shelby’s Lighter?

I recently purchased a cigarette lighter at an auto collection. The lettering on the holder says, “To Carroll Shelby from Ford, 1968.” Can you tell me anything about it?

Joseph Incrocci

Via the Internet

We don’t have an in-depth knowledge of memorabilia like cigarette lighters, so we turned to Rick Kirk, who we featured as the “King of Memorabilia” in our November 2011 issue. Rick says your lighter is definitely an interesting item, but the value may lie in whether or not the lighter was ever in the possession of Carroll Shelby. Kirk points out that he owns a lighter engraved to NASCAR and Trans-Am builder Bud Moore, who didn’t show up for the presentation at a banquet so the lighter was snagged by another attendee. Regardless, anything with Carroll Shelby’s name on it is considered collectible these days.

Vintage Rides

I have a Facebook page dealing with vintage street machine Mustangs back in the day—those jacked up Mustangs with Cragars, sidepipes, and wild paint. The page has already attracted many vintage photos of these cars back in the 1960s and 1970. It’s how we remember them! You can go straight to the page at this address: www.facebook.com/groups/147573572108465/.

Dave Miller

Via the Internet

Thanks for making us aware of your page, Dave. Reminds us of the Vintage Rides features we’ve done in the past. Also reminds us of the things we did to our Mustangs in the 1960s!

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