Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
December 31, 2013

Source Interlink Media recently held it’s annual cruise-in/car show at a number of our offices across the country to celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day. Thanks to the actions of the SEMA Action Network, our government saw fit to officially designate one day to the hotrodding culture.

Here at our Tampa, Florida, office, July 12 can be a challenging time of the year to hold a car show, as we’re often drenched daily with summer rain showers. Car enthusiasts must decide if it’s worth it to pull out their shiny (and clean) rides and take the risk of getting soaked. This year, we’ve been getting a healthy soaking, and while the storm clouds circled, we had a great turnout that enjoyed some hot, but mostly sunny weather—thanks to the folks at Nestle, they also got to sample some cold ice cream to help them beat the heat.

Source employees are encouraged to drive their classic cars to work—I have to give the very unofficial Thumb-your-nose-at-the-weather award to MM&F’s own tech editor, Mark Houlahan. Rolling the dice on a 50 percent chance of rain (during the summer, that’s usually good for 100 percent rain), Houlahan piloted project Snake Charmer to and from work beneath storm clouds that were at times as dark as his Factory Five roadster.

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Like many of the other Source employees, my cars were all inoperable at the time of the show, though some had their rides at our shop for attendees to check out. I’ve included a few brave Ford fans that opted to blow off work or whatever they had planned that day to come check things out. We’ll likely be doing this every year, barring an actual hurricane blowing through the bay area, so be sure to check our Facebook page and website for all the details as the event nears.

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