1310 Cobra Jet Ford Mustang Fiesta St
Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
October 31, 2013

Is there a replacement for displacement? Just for fun, two Ford competition cars were lined up at zMAX Dragway – a 5.0-L V-8-powered Cobra Jet Mustang with a 2.9L Whipple supercharger versus a 2.0L Ford Fiesta ST Competition car good for 550+ horsepower with an OMSE gearbox sporting custom ratios and a big turbo. Who takes the cake?

This heads up race takes place at the zMAX Dragway nestled at the Charlotte Motor Speedway with two incredible drivers – Roy Hill in the Cobra Jet and Tanner Foust in his Fiesta rally car. This test was to see how the two would compare in the quarter-mile.

Two cars made by the same company, but with two very different options. One is all-wheel-drive and the other is rear-wheel-drive. One has large displacement while the other has small displacement. One maneuvers on a dime while the other is pure American muscle. One dominates the NHRA Factory Stock Showdown and the other graces podiums across the world in the Global Rallycross Championship.

“I hit sixth gear before I was even halfway down the track,” said Foust as he recapped racing his GRC Fiesta ST on a dragstrip for the first time. “As I was hitting the rev limiter, I could already hear Roy laughing.”

The race may have been closer than one would think. For only having 2.0-liters of fury, the Fiesta ST held its own, but the Cobra Jet is used to kicking ass and taking names in the quarter-mile. Roy Hill took the win in his Cobra Jet, but Tanner wasn’t too far behind.

If the CJ was to take on the dirt instead of the asphalt, you can bet that the Fiesta ST would likely perform laps around it. Either way, it was a fun race to watch.