Fastest Car Ford GT 283mph
Scott Parker
October 31, 2013

Sure it’s Halloween and SEMA is bearing down on us like a scud missile, but let’s stop for a second to salute a real missile – the fastest car in the world. On October 16th, 2012 Johnny Bohmer, owner of Performance Power Racing, had Guinness World Records certify that his Ford GT was indeed the Fastest Standing Mile Street Car by achieving 283.232mph.

Bohmer said the objective of the project was to push their design capabilities by pushing the limits of performance. In the process, the West Palm Beach, FL based R&D company (working with Pratt & Whitney) helped develop Pandalloy – a high strength, high temperature tolerant aluminum alloy. By implementing aerospace technology in an automotive application, Performance Power has proven that the alloy can be used to lower emissions, increase fuel economy, and decrease a vehicle’s carbon footprint. To a hot rodder this seems to be a strange conclusion to the testing at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, but we certainly can’t complain about the side benefits.

“By NASA allowing us access to a one-of-a-kind facility, we are given the opportunity to explore these technologies and share their benefits. An immense amount of research and development went in to this 3-year project and we are just scratching the surface of where these systems can be utilized outside of the racing arena,” Boehmer stated.

The curbweight on this missile was a hefty 3,890-pounds, which utilized a twin-turbo system to boost the Pandalloy-fortified Mod motor to around 1,700 horsepower. The GT had a fully functional A/C and audio system, and was a registered and street legal daily driver. In this trim, it managed 19mpg on the highway and 11mpg around town. Max speed was said to be over 340mph, and it accelerated from 0 to 150mph in just 7.4-seconds. In case you are wondering, acceleration g-Forces hit 1.3 G’s. Yeah, it’s pretty much all-around awesome.