Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
December 16, 2013
Photos By: Jerry Heasley

Although Randy has spent the past 10 years restoring Mustangs to exacting concours standards, for his rescue Mustangs, he doesn't worry about matching numbers, date-coded parts, or original paint colors. Red cars stay red, but green or gold cars will more than likely roll out in a more appealing shade, usually red or something like Vintage Burgundy. To keep the cars affordable, Randy searches for packaged wheel deals, usually American Racing Torq-Thrusts with BFGoodrich radial tires. All of the Mustangs come with a rebuilt 289 or 302 small-block, including original six-cylinder cars that are converted to V-8 specs with 5-lug wheels, larger radiator, and other upgrades. Headers with dual three-chamber Flowmaster mufflers are also part of the formula. Randy admits that he can't break some of his old concours habits; cars with new floorpans get red oxide paint underneath just like his high-end restorations.

Mechanically, the Mustangs are inspected and repaired as needed with an upgraded fuel system along with refurbished window and latch assemblies. Transmissions, rear ends, and brakes are rebuilt; front drum brakes are replaced by discs. Interiors are restored with new upholstery and carpet.

Just like when they were new, the Mustangs are built in a base configuration without options. In most cases, Randy says, buyers request upgrades like air-conditioning, power steering, or an aftermarket stereo. Several have returned their cars later to have options installed.

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Because Randy's shop is so experienced with Mustangs, he and his crew of four can refurbish most rescued cars in a matter of weeks, which helps keep the costs down. Randy also uses aftermarket parts when possible, although he's also a dealer for AMK, National Parts Depot, and others. To determine the final selling price, much depends on the car's condition when purchased. A couple of cars did not require paint, so Randy was able to price them under $10,000. However, Randy points out that a repaint can add up to $8,000 to the final tally.

"We've sold three at around $19,000," he says. "They were very nice cars with fresh paint. And they will get you wherever you want to go. We can deliver a product with A/C and other options for $28,000. If you want to drive cross-country, you can do it with all the amenities."

Which is exactly what Randy wanted when he started Mustang Car Rescue, as indicated by his company's Mission Statement: "Our goal is to take those poor Mustangs left to suffer in fields and driveways and put them back on the road so everyone can enjoy them again."

The Mustang world is a better place with Randy Roberts on the prowl for Mustangs to save.

Found, Refurbished, and Sold
Blue '66 coupe from a warehouse in Sapulpa, OK
Red '66 coupe from Arkansas barn
Burgundy '65 coupe from Bartlesville, OK
'70 Grabber SportsRoof from Sperry, OK
Signalflare Red '66 coupe from Catoosa, OK
Blue '68 coupe from South Carolina
'69 SportsRoof from Claremore, OK
Red '66 coupe from Tulsa, OK

Saved and In Process
Red '65 coupe from Sapulpa, OK (finished and for sale)
'65 coupe (presold, with new drivetrain and sheetmetal)
Three '66 coupes
Two '68 California Specials
'68 coupe