Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
August 1, 2013

Caption Contest

Right out of the gate, we have to note this is not a safe scenario. You never want to work on your 'Stang without it being properly supported by jackstands or a lift. A floor jack alone isn't good enough. Seriously, we're pretty sure Caden Malvesti's Power Wheels isn't going to overwhelm that floorjack, but you're always better safe than sorry.

Now Caden is only five years old, but he's already gotten an idea of how you spend your weekends when you own a Mustang. It can't just sit there. It needs attention, maintenance, and speed parts.

"I was outside doing some work around the house when he came over and asked, ‘Daddy, how do I make it go up?" says proud papa Chris Malvesti. "I looked at him questioningly, and he brought me over to his Power Wheels Mustang with the jack already under the car. He was pushing the handle up and down, so I showed him how to turn the handle to make it lock in place. Then he took over."

"He's seen me under and working on my '03 Cobra a million times, and it kind of brought a tear to my eye," Chris added. "He's five years old, and he's already interested in cars and loves to be around me when I'm working on mine. I'm a huge fan of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords and thought you would like to see something like this."

Thanks for sharing, Chris. That definitely brings a smile to our faces. Seeing kids take an interest in the cars we love is a wonderful thing. Of course, the photo is pretty cute too, and it makes perfect fodder for our caption contest. We wonder if Caden was stepping up to larger electric motors or increased-voltage batteries. Either way, he's got the right idea.

If you have an idea of what's going on in this shot, send your creative entries to September Caption Contest, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619 or email to, and don't forget—no street address, no license plate. Also, unless you're really quick to the post office, email is the way to go: Deadlines don't wait for snail mail.

Caption Contest Winners

"The heck with this computer stuff! We're just gonna grab a handfull of timing and back it off till it quits rattling!"

Steven Bateman
St. Amant, LA

"I'm thinking it might be an ignition problem. Someone put a GM distributor in here. Hey, where are the spark plugs and the wires?"

Ed Deemer
Via email

"Whipper-snappers think they know everything. If it worked in 1963, it will work in 2013."

David Hayes
Zearing, IA

"What is the opposite of resto-mod?"

Chad Jones
Moncks Corner, SC

"OK, I'm pretty sure this mounts in the intake."

Jason Goodman
Springfield, MO