November 1, 2013

Aerospace-Grade Aesthetics

International Aero Products recently introduced a new polymer-infused clay bar for auto detailing, and it is designed to save you time when making your ride look its best. Rather than using the clay bar and then following up with a wax, Aero's Glide leaves a layer of Aero's co-polymer to protect painted surfaces while the clay is used.

Glide is safe to use on all painted surfaces including clear coat, and Aero says it is great for removing tree sap, bug residue, paint overspray, environmental fallout, road tar, rail dust, minor oxidation, stubborn dirt, and minor topical scratches. Each can of Glide includes two separate clay bars, and Aero recommends using its Finale, Aero's Interior and Exterior Multi-Surface Cleaner, as a lubricating agent while using the clay bar.

International Aero Products

Modify Your MAF At Home

Factory and aftermarket mass air meters have long been a source of frustration for tuners, but now the JMS Mass Air Modifier can filter the mass air signal, while also scaling the signal to extend the dynamic range of the sensor. Cold air kits, camshafts, and the architecture of your air inlet among other things, can cause turbulent airflow and a noisy mass airflow (MAF) signal, often resulting in driveability issues. The JMS Mass Air Modifier features a simple switch that allows you to choose between filtering the signal at idle or cruise. Use the rotary switch to choose between 16 built-in levels of filtering.

JMS offers a simple spreadsheet that provides mass airflow values for use with aftermarket custom tuning software, along with thorough instruction manuals and video how-to guides. The JMS Mass Air Modifier features advanced electronics housed in an aluminum case, a complete OEM-grade plug-and-play wiring harness using shielded cable, with additional cables for 0-5 volt signal input and optional on-board enable/disable switch. Whether you have a vintage Ford with a late-model engine swap, or you have a late-model vehicle, JMS's Mass Air Modifier will help you get the most out of your modified combination.

JMS Chip & Performance
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