November 1, 2013

New Vintage Air SureFit Systems For '641⁄2-'70 Mustangs

Vintage Air has completely redesigned all three of its climate control systems for '641⁄2-'66, '67-'68, and '69-'70 Mustangs. Using its Gen-IV climate control technology, these systems now deliver Vintage Air's famous “just right temperatures” and dehumidified defrost equal to OEM systems. Vintage Air's new Gen-IV systems use fully electronic microprocessor controls that require no cables or vacuum connections. Each system includes replacement electronic controls designed to look like the original OEM Mustang panel or Vintage Air's unique “cable-converter” technology to easily adapt your Mustang's control panel to all-electronic operations—Vintage Air's Sure Fit systems are engineered to install with only very minimal modifications to your car.

Vintage Air Inc.
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Specialty White & Black Wax By Meguiar's

According to the 2011 DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Report, white, gray, and black cars account for 70 percent of the vehicles on the road today. Knowing this, Meguiar's has developed White Wax and Black Wax, each designed to tackle specific problems facing light and dark paints and maximize the brilliance and gloss results consumers crave.

With owners of white and light colored cars in mind, using revolutionary Super Micro Abrasives Technology (SMAT), Meguiar's created White Wax to deep clean surfaces and bring out the brilliance in their paint. Meguiar's says that consumers will immediately see gleaming results, as White Wax restores a fresher look to their vehicle's surface.

Owners of dark-to-black colored vehicles will love Meguiar's Black Wax, which creates an exceptional gloss and polished look. With no dyes or colorants added to the formula, this wax cleans, polishes and protects the paint, giving owners the “wet” look only darker cars can achieve. Black wax will be especially helpful with dark-colored cars that have rock, bug, and/or road damage to the front ends. Normally, this damage will trap the white wax, thus enhancing the blemishes, but Black Wax will offer a more uniform finish.

Available now at major retailers and auto enthusiast/specialty retailers nationwide in a 7 oz. tube in a paste form, White Wax and Black Wax are backed by Meguiar's industry-leading care technology and performance guarantee.

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Thread-On Vintage Style Knockoff

From the very early days of vintage motorsports, many teams quickly determined that races could be won or lost by the efficiency of their pit stops. Early adopters of the thread-on, spindle mount knockoff, made for quicker tire changes and pit stops, and it wasn't long before gear heads, hot rod enthusiasts, and weekend warriors from that era began emulating the performance and styling cues from their motorsports heroes.

Vintage knockoffs became a styling and automotive performance statement in the hot rod culture, and Rocket Racing Wheels now offers a redesigned, vintage-style knockoff that allows for perfect fitment on its five- and six-lug applications. The new design offers the same spindle-mount styling, but perfects it with a much safer bolt-on mounting application. The Rocket Vintage Style Knockoff with threaded adapters is sold in pairs, one left- and one righthand thread for safety. When correctly installed, you have a stylish, safe, knockoff that is in a tightening mode all the way around your ride.

The Rocket Racing vintage-style knockoff fits on every new Rocket Racing Wheel. Polished or chrome finishes are available to match your wheel and/or theme.

Rocket Racing Wheels
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