July 1, 2013

Battle at the Beach

Are you headed to Mustang Week (www.mustangweek.com) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, July 15-20, 2013? We certainly hope to see you there. If you’re making the trip, are you bringing a car that puts down huge rear-wheel horsepower? Do you think it’s the baddest ride around? Would you like to see how your ’Stang’s output stacks up to the elite rides at Mustang Week? If all this sounds good, then we have the event for you.

Your friends here at 5.0&SF magazine (www.50mustangandsuperfords.com) are selecting 10-12 of the most powerful Mustangs at Mustang Week to square off on Pro-Dyno’s (www.pro-dyno.net) mobile Dynojet to see who has the most powerful pony at the beach. The event will be covered in the pages of the magazine, and Mustang Week will present the top-horsepower winner with a trophy.

So, if you are definitely coming to Mustang Week in your high-powered ’79-’13 Mustang and you want to compete, please send a couple snapshots, a list of mods, and the car’s current rear-wheel horsepower to Battle at the Beach, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619 or 5.0mailbag@sorc.com. We will be accepting entries until June 14, 2013. After that we will pick 10-12 varied years and combinations to square off on the Pro-Dyno rollers at Mustang Week on Thursday, July 18, 9 a.m. ,at the Myrtle Beach mall.

So don’t wait till the last minute. Get those entries in today!

Show & Shop

It might be hard for our Northern readers to understand, but February is a great time of the year for car shows in Florida. One laid-back show that we enjoy hitting when we can is the Mustang & Ford Roundup put on by the Mid-Florida Mustang Club at the Waterford Lakes shopping center in Orlando, Florida.

This year’s edition was the 26th edition of the event, and we popped over to check it out. We weren’t alone, as the show’s sponsors and vendors included a who’s who of the Central Florida Mustang community, including NPD, Southern Ford Dealers, Orlando Mustang, All Pro Automotive, SilverHorse Racing, Inlign Automotive, VMP Tuning, and Compass Storage.

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The show offers both judged and popular vote categories, and most of the 320 owners drove away with hardware, as the Mid-Florida club handed out 230 trophies in bronze, silver, and gold classifications. Bob McClure of Winter Park, Florida, won the best Mustang of the show with his ’05 Legend Lime Green Mustang GT. On the non-Mustang Ford side of things, Scott Jewett of Winter Springs, Florida, took home top honors with his ’70 Mercury Cougar.

Aside from the great selection of cars, the Waterford Lakes area offers plenty of shopping and dining choices, so it’s a great spot for a full day of autocentric fun. We took a few shots of cars that struck our fancy.

If you are in the area next February, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Quick Spin: 2013 Super Snake

Having been around our share of high-powered Shelby GT500s, I was anxious to spend a short time behind the wheel of the ’13 Shelby GT500 Super Snake. As a huge fan of the latest Shelby, I was equally anxious to see how one blessed with an official Shelby American (www.shelbyamerican.com) conversion stacks up to the sinewy and smooth stocker.

When you approach the Super Snake, you know it’s a special ride, as it features the signature Super Snake hood. The latest version rocks a new Shelby wheel, a billet three-piece that provides a unique character to the latest version. Combined with all the signature Super Snake badging and the Candy Red paint, this car was a magnet for compliments everywhere we drove it.

With its unique hood, wheels, stripes, and badging, it’s clear that the ’13 Shelby GT500 Super Snake is not your average GT500. The car certainly earned a great deal of admiration from other drivers during our short time behind the wheel.

Of course, driving it is the real story, and right away you know this Shelby is a full-on hot rod. Turn the key, and the Shelby/Borla mufflers rumble to life and the gears in the optional Kenne Bell 3.6-liter LC supercharger start grinding. It instantly took me back to the days of raucous Foxes with straight-cut-gear centrifugal blowers. In fact, in practice the massive twin-screw is a bit like a centrifugal, as it comes on a little higher up the tach, but when it does, hold on for dear life and give your thanks for traction and stability control.

Once you reach cruising speed, the rear axle is singing and the mufflers are roaring away. Depending on where you are on the tach, one sound might dominate the other, but either makes you glad to have the best factory audio system available on board. It takes a while to adjust to this rawer version of the latest Shelby, but once you do the power is simply intoxicating, and it’s easy to get used to everyone telling you your ride is cool.

Of course, if you want all that, you have to pay to play. The car we drove retained the factory adjustable suspension, and it wasn’t a widebody. Other than that, it packed the full $39,995 package plus several options, including a polished supercharger, upgraded upholstery, and more. In all, the Super Snake carries a super price tag, but the upside is that Shelby American reports they tend to retain their value over time. If you want one, all you need is to provide a ’13 GT500 to Shelby American and it can be yours.


• Power • Styling • Pedigree


• Price • Gear Whine • Exhaust Drone


We’re big fans of the 2013 Focus ST, and Ford wasted no time giving the little ST some performance cred, turning one over to tuning shop fifteen52 (www.fifteen52.us/ project-st/) and Ken Block. The result is the TrackSTer, which debuted at the Chicago Auto Show.

“Teaming up with fifteen52 for this project was an obvious choice for me. They’ve got a great understanding of what’s hot in the small-car-performance marketplace right now, both from the style perspective and from the performance end of things,” Ken Block said. “With the TrackSTer, they’ve worked closely with both Ford Racing and Mountune to put together a potent package that blends on-road performance with on-track performance. I can’t wait to actually get this car out on a track and put it through the paces.”

Starting last summer the shop embarked on the project and updated Focus ST fans on project-st.com. Along the way they added a Mountune built engine, Mountune performance intercooler, a Mountune upgraded ECU, a Ford Racing performance exhaust system, a Ford Racing short-throw shifter, a Focus ST-R Quaife limited-slip differential, a Focus ST-R Centerforce clutch, and Chinese Touring Car Championship fender flares. The total package looks really sharp.

Short Times

Ford is charging up the marketing of its Fiesta with an new generation of the Fiesta Movement. “We are giving agents the unprecedented chance to launch a car through the content they create,” Keith Koeppen, Ford advertising and media manager said. “The possibilities are limitless. For example, if there’s a video we really like, we can turn it into a TV commercial; if there’s a photo we think is really eye-catching, we can incorporate it into a print campaign.” Check it out at www.fiestamovement.com