Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 10, 2013

Like most Mustang enthusiasts, Lynn Rumble always wanted a Mustang, but it was just a little out of his reach. Lynn persevered, however, and finally hit pay dirt in 2002 when the daughter of his garage landlord mentioned she had a rare Mustang for sale. She told him it was a '70 Mustang Grabber. Having never heard of a Grabber, Lynn went to investigate.

"As soon as she removed the car cover, I was in love! It was Grabber Yellow, with a black hockey stripe, and it looked a lot like a Boss," Lynn remembers. While the car looked beautiful, it didn't run nearly as nice as it looked. When the daughter told Lynn she was asking $6,000 for it, he bought it on the spot and worried about telling his wife about the purchase later (sound familiar?).

The Mustang had been restored in 1995, but it eventually became clear that the restoration was a quick and dirty job with lots of fiberglass patches. With the engine not running well either, it was decided after a few years of ownership that the engine would either need a rebuild or they would possibly just buy a crate engine for it. Shortly thereafter (this would be in 2007), Lynn had a friend and fellow Mustang owner, Greg Leizear, restore the SportsRoof again for him. Greg removed all of the bad sheetmetal and fiberglass patches, replaced the engine with a 302ci crate engine, and rebuilt the transmission.

"It was a good thing I replaced the engine at that time. When it came out, we discovered that one shock tower was cracked and the motor mounts were broken, which could have caused the engine to fall out of the car," Lynn explained.

Driving the car in several parades revealed the need for some fine tuning and replacement parts, including a transmission cooler and a larger radiator to deal with overheating at low speeds. Lynn, along with his wife, Beverly, have shown the Grabber extensively around their College Park, Maryland, home and it has won a number of awards, including a tie for first place in its class at the 2011 Mustang Club of America Grand Nationals in southern Maryland.

Quick Specs
302 V-8
Bright Yellow with Black Hockey Stripes (302)
Black vinyl interior
Mach I hood
Rear window slats
Pertronix distributor
MSD ignition coil
C4 automatic
Hooker Jet Hot coated headers
650-cfm Holley Double Pumper carburetor
Edelbrock dual-plane intake
Holley high volume fuel pump
Champion aluminum two-core radiator
Master Power front disc brakes
Borgeson power steering
Aluminized 2½-inch custom exhaust
Flowmaster 50-Series mufflers
Magnum 500 wheels
P235/60R14 BFGoodrich T/A tires
Mach I wood-grain console with gauges
LED bulbs in dash and taillights
Fold-down rear seat

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