September 23, 2013

As many of you know, 2013 marks the 25th Anniversary of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine. From the start, our editors were dedicated to bringing you the most interesting and entertaining stories. I learned from my predecessors that diving in and being a part of the action is the only way to truly get the best stories.

Whether it be a car feature, technical how-to story, a vehicle test, or event coverage, we like to get elbow-deep in grease, especially when we're installing the latest parts and testing them either at the track or on our in-house Dynojet. (Now deadlines, that's another story.) Even our freelance writers do most of their own wrenching, driving, and testing.

And the June issue is a great example. It's packed with a ton of DIY, hands-on stuff—like our throttle body and tune on a GT500, our Roush supercharger install with before and after dyno and strip numbers, the complete IRS swap-into-a-Fox story, and much more. Let's face it, Mustang and Ford owners crave information, and we're here to provide it.

With today's exciting forms of communication, our Facebook page, Twitter, and email), we are more connected to you then ever before. While we still work hard to produce the best print magazine, we enjoy your instant feedback from the various electronic sources.

Having the ability to reach you on the fly from remote events is fun stuff. We certainly know there are dedicated Fox-body freaks out there, and there are four-eyed Fox freaks, as well as those who really only care about Fords built with a blower and Modular engine. The Coyote craze is yet another tangent in the growing Ford family.

Still, we try to cover it all. Our recent 1979-'93 Fox-Body special issue was a big hit, so we'll be doing another one in 2013. This is good news is you're craving Fox-body tech and features.

Speaking of Foxes, the issue you're holding has the aforementioned IRS swap, a rearend rebuild, the start of our '88 Mustang 25th Anniversary build, plus a Windsor head test. Oh, don't forget the Fox features on Tommy King's True Streeter and Martin Pond's street/strip/open-track Fairmont.

One of my favorite tasks is testing fast Fords, and this month we unleashed the fastest one ever—the 2013 Shelby Super Snake. We clicked off 10.80s with the previous model, but the '13 has significant upgrades, and was substantially quicker and faster. At nearly $100,000, this Snake has every creature comfort, massive brakes, custom wheels, a plush interior, and 770 rwhp. It's also a piece of Shelby heritage and can go 10.60s at nearly 140 mph.

Associate Editor Marc Christ, an admitted drag-race novice, laid down a 11.13 at 132 mph, and with practice he would have been solidly in the 10s. This proves how fun, and fast, this Mustang is. After 10 runs in just a few hours, we swapped tires and drove the Shelby home.

Perhaps I am a jaded, because I forget just how quick 10s is. Comparably, my stock '87 LX ran low 14s at 97 mph, and high 13s with a few tweaks—it would have taken every aftermarket part in the book to run mid-10s. And even then, it would have been hard to keep a manual transmission in the thing.

According to my handy Moroso Power Speed Calculator, 137.6 mph (at the given weight of the Shelby, 4,050 pounds with driver) is enough to run 9.60s if traction and gearing were optimized. That's just sick. Knowing we had that much power made tooling around Tampa fun, but feeling the power and roasting the tires is quite a thrill, too.

With that, I think I'll go out and lay some rubber and hunt Camaros. But first I have to figure out who drove the Shelby to lunch… EJS