Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 16, 2013

After four decades on the road, it's common for a classic Mustang to journey away from the area where it was first sold; often even leaving the state. However, it's a bit rarer that a Mustang not only makes its way clear across the country, but also ends up north of the border as well. That's exactly the case with the Springtime Yellow '66 Mustang GT coupe seen here. Built at the San Jose plant, the coupe had spent its whole life in California before ending up in the Great White North. The Mustang now resides in the Belleville, Ontario, Canada, garage of Fechin Vandenberg, which is about two hours east of Toronto.

"I had been looking for a couple of years for a solid car and this one was on, but it looked rough and dirty. My wife and I had to drop our daughter off at the Toronto airport and this car was only 40 minutes past that. I thought, what the heck, we'll go and have a look," Fechin tells us. Fechin had a printout from KAR Auto Group's website stating what came with the GT option group. KAR, based out of Ohio, has such information readily available on its site to help prospective buyers, which really helped out Fechin in this case too. Armed with the info, Fechin and his wife, Valerie, went to go look at the Mustang.

"The car was really dirty, but I knew it was a diamond in the rough," Fechin remembers. Fechin made the owner an offer, and a week later, he went back with a car dolly to get his "brand-new 44-year-old car," as he calls it. "I couldn't stop grinning all the way home. I buffed the paint—which turned out really quite good—put in a new dashpad, installed a console, and got all the lights working," Fechin recalls.

Fechin continued his cleaning and upgrades under the hood with a new export brace, a new Monte Carlo bar, valve covers, an air breather, and more. He then buffed the engine compartment paint as well. The GT has all the right equipment still on it and the exterior was enhanced with new chrome and a set of the always stylish polished Torque Thrust II wheels from American Racing. Fechin's next improvement will be power brakes to make the coupe just a little bit safer and more enjoyable to drive on the streets of Belleville. "It's an ongoing project, and I love to work on it," Fechin explained to us. We think Fechin and his GT coupe have many more enjoyable years together.

Quick Specs
289ci V-8 A-code
Aluminum intake manifold
Four-barrel carburetor
Roller rocker arms
Hi-Po exhaust manifolds
Chrome Monte Carlo bar
Chrome export brace
C4 automatic transmission
Shift improvement kit
8-inch rearend
3.00 gears
Polished Torque Thrust II wheels
All new standard interior
Added "long" floor console
Installed aftermarket stereo within glovebox
New bumpers/exterior chrome

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