September 19, 2013

Convenience Module

With painless Performance's new Convenience Module, you can bring your vintage Mustang into the 21st century with the standard features found on today's new Mustangs, including dome light delay and dimming, turn signal alert, and radio delay (when ignition is shut off, the radio stays on for 15 minutes or until a door is opened). It also adds updated headlight features, like delay (keeps headlights on for 15 seconds to illuminate dark parking areas), warning chime if lights are left on, and automatic on and off using the included light sensor. Installation typically requires a couple of hours and no cutting of the factory wiring. For more information, contact Painless Performance at 817/244-6212 or visit the website at

Hydraulic Clutch Conversion

McLeod Racing has introduced a new vehicle-specific hydraulic clutch conversion kit for '65-'68 Mustangs, providing more flexibility for headers and other clearance issues. All of the components are designed for ease of installation, superior clutch function, and great pedal feel and travel. Each kit is complete with McLeod hydraulic throw-out bearing, master cylinder with adjustable rod end, hydraulic lines, pedal stop bracket, bracket to mount the master cylinder, and all the needed hardware. Get more details by contacting McLeod at 714/630-2764 or go to the website at

Fox Floors

Until now, the only way to repair damaged floorpans in a '79-'93 Mustang was to weld up the existing floors or repair by sections, which presented its own set of problems. Now Latemodel Restoration Supply offers complete Fox-body floorpans with the same stamped-steel construction as the factory along with the correct bends and hole placements. The one-piece design makes it easy to replace severely damaged original floors. To order or for more information, call Latemodel Restoration Supply at 866/507-3786 or visit the website at

Concours Housings

With the FoMoCo logo and SAE number stamped in the back, National Parts Depot's new reproduction taillight housings for '65-'66 Mustangs are ideal for concours competition. They're available for $26.95 as part number 13434-1B. For more information, contact your nearest NPD location: Florida, 800/874-7595; Michigan, 800/521-6104; North Carolina, 800/368-6451; California, 800/235-3445. Or you can order online at

Exhaust Love for ‘10s

Dynomax has added horsepower, torque, and a drone-free performance sound to a pair of new exhaust systems for '10 Mustangs. The axle-back kit for '10 Mustang GTs (part number 38488) comes with a pair of Dynomax VT mufflers, each with an internal valve that ensures maximum performance and a drone-free experience. For V-6 cars, the cat-back system (part number 38503) includes a pair of Dynomax VT mufflers along with 2½-inch stainless steel pipes to add 11 horsepower and 11 lb-ft of torque. Both kits include hangers, brackets, and accessories for quick installation. For more information, visit, contact your nearest DynoMax supplier, or call 734/384-7806.